Flounder Gigging Lights and Supplies

Flounder Gigging Lights and Supplies

Outrigger Outdoors offers a wide selection of LED flounder gigging  lights and supplies, accessories, flounder gigs, generators, power converters, and more. If you're looking for an underwater LED flounder light, our Swamp Eye Submersible is perfect for you. It's our brightest flounder light we offer, pushing out nearly 20,000 lumens in brightness. If you're looking for more versatile flounder lights capable of being mounted above or below water, the Mini Swamp Eye Submersible may be the perfect option for you.  All Swamp Eye flounder gigging lights will help you take aim at your target with unrivaled clarity.

Flounder Gig that Lasts

Our business was founded on a quality flounder gig that lasts. Our flounder gigs are designed to easily mount to any 3/4-inch NPS pole, by simply sliding the gig on to the end of the pole and use a provided stainless steel bolt to fasten the flounder gig down. Our flounder gigs are simple to install, sharp, and made to last. 

LED Flounder Lights for Clear or Muddy Water

A key feature of our flounder lights is the ability to adjust color tone to see in any water clarity. When combined with our flounder gig, you're bound to leave no big flounder behind. Our LED flounder lights and flounder gigs are both a great addition to your flounder gigging boat’s supplies. When choosing a light for flounder gigging and wading, you may prefer our Mini Swamp Eye Submersible. The warm white floundering light will outline fish in muddy waters while the cool white hue works great for gigging flounder in clear waters. 

The Best Lights for Flounder Gigging

All Swamp Eye LED flounder lights are compatible with 12V batteries or can easily switch to a 110V or 120V generator with the power converters we offer. The power flexibility of our lights makes them great flounder boat lights or wading and gigging lights.

These are only a few features that make our flounder gigging lights and supplies some of the best and most wanted in the market. Our lights for flounder gigging are trusted by commercial fishermen, professional guides, and amateur anglers across the nation.

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