About Us

Outrigger Outdoors founder was 3 months old when his grandfather gave him his first gun, a Ruger .22 long barrel rifle. His grandfather had a severe heart attack that he did not expect to live through. In an effort to leave his grandkids with something to remember him by, he issued each of his grandson’s a .22 rifle and his granddaughter’s a diamond necklace. Fortunately enough, he was able to spend the next 18 years of his life learning the ropes of cotton farming, sheep ranching, hunting, and fishing with his grandfather.

 Common problems on the West Texas farm were varmints eating sheep feed and tearing apart feed bags, predators attacking and killing sheep, and longnose gar taking over the Concho River trotlines intended for catfish. In an attempt to protect the sheep managed by grandma and to yield more catfish on the trotlines, the grandkids would stay up late at night to go spotlighting for varmints and predators as well as bowfishing gar and carp from the Concho River.

 These outdoor experiences were the foundation of what lead to the initial design and implementation of one of the industry’s best predator hunting lights in the Red Eye hunting light, the industry’s top flounder gigging and bow fishing lights in the Swamp Eye fishing light, and the most durable, corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel fish gig.

 Today, the Outrigger Outdoors crew has expanded from hunting and fishing near the Concho River in West Texas to flounder gigging the gulf coast and bowfishing across many lakes throughout the United States. More recently, we've become a leading participant in a variety of large predator hunting and bowfishing tournaments; including the U.S. Open Bowfishing Tournament by Bass Pro Shops.

A small goal that started on the Concho River has developed into a passion fueled by our aspiration to make an impact on the hunting and fishing industry. 

Outrigger Outdoors is currently based out of Sealy, Texas; a small town located west of Houston, Texas.