About Us

The Outrigger Outdoors founder was 3 months old when his grandfather gave him his first gun, a Ruger .22 long barrel rifle. His grandfather had a severe heart attack that he did not expect to live through. In an effort to leave his grandkids with something to remember him by, he issued each of his grandson’s a .22 rifle and his granddaughter’s a diamond necklace. Fortunately enough, he was able to spend the next 18 years of his life learning the ropes of cotton farming, sheep ranching, hunting, and fishing with his grandfather.

 Common problems on the West Texas farm were varmints eating sheep feed and tearing apart feed bags, predators attacking and killing sheep, and longnose gar taking over the Concho River trotlines intended for catfish. In an attempt to protect the sheep managed by grandma and to yield more catfish on the trotlines, the grandkids would stay up late at night to go spotlighting for varmints and predators as well as bowfishing gar and carp from the Concho River.

These outdoor experiences were the foundation of what was to come.

It was 2016, when a brand new $100 flounder gig bought from a local tackle shop bent in half, broke off the handle and fell in the water after harvesting only the second flounder of the night. Frustrated by the lack of quality, Outrigger Outdoors was founded to fill a gap in a very small industry: flounder gigging.

Our first product was a handmade flounder gig, originally made to thread on to our 3/4-inch aluminum gig pole. The gig was designed to be capable of holding a sharp, barbed point capable of penetrating through flounder and holding on tight to a flopping fish. Another key design feature was the requirement for a high strength structure so the flounder gig could be used as push pole. We didn't want our gigs to ever break, so quality materials and a strong design was essential. Over the years our flounder gig design has continually improved to now the most trusted flounder gig used by commercial fishermen and professional guides across the nation.

As we continued to grow, we designed more new products to light our future - the bright underwater and above water flounder gigging lights. They were first released in 2017 as the "Swamp Eye" Lights. They were pioneered to be different than any other LED flounder light out there by offering the ability to change color tone from a warm white to cool white for increasing visibility in clear or muddy water. As popularity continued to grow, the advancement of Swamp Eye introduced us to a new action packed outdoor adventure: bowfishing.

In January of 2018, the Swamp Eye Light was officially split apart into two product types: Swamp Eye Bowfishing Light Bar and Swamp Eye Submersible Flounder Gigging Light. They have both become leaders in their respective fields and are constantly being optimized by our design team. The success of the Swamp Eye Bowfishing Light Bar has lead to the continued development of LED bowfishing lights. We are constantly consulting with guides, commercial fishermen, and our customers to receive feedback on our bowfishing lights and understand what's needed to constantly improve our products. 

In 2020, Outrigger Outdoors started the development of a line of night hunting lights that took a hard look at science and the visual color spectrum of coyotes, hogs, varmints, and other predators. After continuous research, we designed an LED hunting light that broadcasted a wavelength of light that these dichromate vision mammals have a very hard time seeing. We also developed a strong understanding of how to project an LED chip as far as possible. The result of this experiment was the Predator Cannon Hunting Light, which is a true-red color that shines out over 1,000 yards. We are beyond excited to see where this predator hunting light will lead us.

Our goal is to design products that shake the industry. We start from scratch with creative ideas, and then work with professional guides and talented engineers to bring those ideas to reality. We have many new products scheduled for release in the near future, and our existing products will only keep getting better.

You will continue to see us grow and enter new spaces within the hunting, fishing and outdoor world. We are excited about how far we’ve come and even more excited about how far we’re going. We are beyond thankful for our supporters who have believed in us and our products all along.

Outrigger Outdoors is currently based out of Sealy, Texas; a small town located west of Houston, Texas.