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Outdoor Tip Categories


Our bowfishing tips include advice on how to find good bowfishing spots, things to consider when buying bowfishing gear, how to setup your bowfishing boat, and general advice from tournament bowfishermen, guides, recipes and much more. 

Flounder Gigging

Our flounder gigging tips include advice on how to find good areas for gigging flounder, the effect of changing tides and how they can make or break your trip, what to look for in the best flounder gigging gear, common flounder boat setups, recipes, and many more.

Night Hunting

Our night hunting tips include advice for hunting at night, things to consider when night hunting for different animals such as coons, coyotes, bobcats, etc; how to call coyotes; how to spotlight for animals at night; the scientifically proven best color light for hunting at night; reviews on the best night hunting equipment, and many more topics related to night hunting. 

Fish and Game Processing

Our fish and game processing tips include advice on how to process your fish and game, what equipment works best for fish and game processing, food preparation ideas and recipes, and methods for keeping your hunting and fishing catch longer.

Bully Netting

Our bully netting tips include advice for bully netting spiny lobster, how to find the spiny lobster, boat setups for lobstering at night, things to look for in finding the best bully netting lights, and much more.

Night Fishing

Our night fishing tips include advice for fishing at night, the science behind choosing the best color light for night fishing, things to consider when choosing your night fishing equipment, and many more topics related to night fishing.

Offshore Fishing

Our offshore fishing tips include advice for fishing offshore, how to find different species of fish offshore, things to look for in finding the best lures, maintaining your offshore boat, and many more topics related to offshore fishing.


Our electrofishing tips include advice on how to get started electrofishing; how it's used for fish surveying; things to consider when outfitting and building an electrofishing boat; and what electrofishing systems, lights, and equipment are commonly used. 

General Outdoor Tips

Our general outdoor tips section includes all blog posts that are not capable of being categorized in other sections above. Here you may find information on general information related to hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear.

Press Release

All public press releases are posted here. All information posted in our press release is open to the public for their own use. Newspapers and editors are welcome to copy, reference, and/or link to any information presented in our press release statements. 


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