Underwater Green Fishing Lights

Underwater Green Fishing Lights

Outrigger Outdoors offers a wide selection of underwater green fishing lights that are made to last in harsh saltwater environments. These aren't just any green lights for fishing, our selection of submersible green fishing lights emit a true-green wavelength designed for maximum appeal to fish visual receptors. Quality tested and commercially proven, our LED green fishing lights will attract more fish and last longer than the competition. Whether you are looking for the best crappie fishing lights, saltwater pier fishing lights, underwater green dock light, or portable underwater fishing lights, our selection will suit your needs. 

Our Underwater Green Fishing Lights also work great for:

Crappie Fishing Lights

Our underwater green fishing lights work great for crappie fishing at night. The low voltage and portability of our green fishing lights makes them perfect for taking on crappie fishing trips. Shop our selection of underwater green fishing lights for crappie fishing. 

Underwater Green Dock Lights

Our underwater green fishing lights can easily mount to a dock or be dropped in a canal to attract and light up fish at night. All of our green LED fishing lights were made to hold up to the harsh saltwater environment, making them great for docks on lakes or saltwater bays. Shop our selection of lights for underwater green dock lights. 

Shrimping Lights

Many anglers say the best lights for shrimping are green because they make the shrimp easier to see. The wavelength of our underwater green fishing lights is also arguably a more attractive color to shrimp, increasing the chances shrimp swim right up to the boat for you to catch. Shop our selections of lights for shrimping. 

Night Fishing Lights

Whether you are fishing from a boat or dock, our selection of underwater green fishing lights will help you light up the night and bring in more fish. Shop our selection of green fishing lights to bring in more hauls while out night fishing. 

For more information on our underwater green fishing lights for sale, or if you’re interested in purchasing your own, contact us, or start browsing our shop today.