Trolling Motor Adapter for Underwater Lights

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Quickly and easily attach your underwater lights to your trolling motor. Adjustable shaft fitting fits all trolling motor shafts. Lights and trolling motor are not included. 

  • Quick and easy method to turn any boat in a flounder gigging, bowfishing, night fishing or bully netting boat.

  • Install or remove from trolling motor in a matter of seconds with hand-tightening wing nuts

  • Fits from 1 to 5 Mini Swamp Eye Submersible or Swamp Eye Submersible Lights

The trolling motor adapter works great when paired with our Mini Swamp Eye Submersible or Swamp Eye Submersible Flounder Gigging and Bully Netting Lights. It also works great for crappie fishing or night fishing with our Underwater Green Crappie Fishing Lights.