VG10 Flex Fillet Knife

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  • VG-10 flex fillet blade was specifically selected for its corrosion resistance, sharpness, and edge retention.
  • Designed to withstand harsh saltwater environments with added corrosion protection.
  • Non-Slip Comfort Fit Grip strategically molded for both comfort and traction while cleaning fish.
  • Molded plastic sheath with ventilated design to prevent water logging.
  • Sheath mounts with ease to pants, shorts, belt, or backpack and comes with notch for cutting fishing line. 
  • Small batch, hand sharpened fillet knife

What's included?

  • VG10 Flex Fillet Knife
  • Ventilated Fillet Knife Sheath

VG10 Blade Length: 7.5"

VG 10 Flex Fillet Knife in Action


We’ve carefully selected one of the most sought after blade materials by high-end professional chefs to make the most well-rounded fillet knife for fishermen across the Nation. Every feature of this fish fillet knife was carefully designed to promote a better fish cleaning experience.

Key Features

VG-10 Fillet Knife Blade

For those unfamiliar with VG-10, it is sought after for its natural corrosion resistance and ability to hold a razor sharp edge through long term use and abuse. This makes it most attractive for professional chefs, but has proven to be equally beneficial to our customer base of commercial fishermen, guides, and recreational fishermen.

In addition to the natural corrosion resistance VG-10 knife blades have, we have polished the fillet knife blade to better inhibit corrosion and make it easier to clean. 

Non-Slip Comfort Fit Grip

Our Non-Slip Comfort Fit Grip was strategically molded for optimal comfort and traction while cleaning fish.

There is reinforced grip and padding where it's needed most, and a smooth finish where it's needed least. These features give you the best comfort and traction while still being easy to rinse and clean. 

Ventilated Protective Sheath

Each knife comes standard with our ventilated protective sheath. The sheath was designed to keep the knife dry to prevent water logging and maximize the life of your fish fillet knife. The fillet knife sheath will easily mount to your pants, shorts, belt, or backpack with ease. Whether you're a deckhand, commercial fishermen, or recreational fishermen, you can trust that the ventilated protective sheath will keep your knife sharp and dry for the long haul. 

A small added feature on the fillet knife sheath is a notch, which allows you to use the knife to easily cut fishing line when needed. 

How do VG10 knife blades compare to stainless steel and other materials?

VG10 knife blades are the material of choice for extreme outdoorsmen and has even gained large amounts of popularity among professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts. The knife blade boasts an edge that is sharper than the finest carbon steel or cold steel blades yet holds corrosion resistance similar to premium grade stainless steels. When these two features are combined into one in the VG10 flex fillet knife, it makes for the perfect knife for any outdoorsman. 


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