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Electrofishing is a specialized and highly effective form of fish surveying that requires adequate knowledge and training to minimize the hazardous risk of mixing electricity and water.  Quick Summary Safety and knowledge are top priority before getting started electrofishing. Wear the proper safety equipment (never wear breathable waders!) Understanding the difference in AC, DC, and PDC current settings to increase effectiveness of your operation as well as minimize the risk of potential damage to fish populations.  Time of day that electrofishing is most effective - and equipment you need to see more fish.  Fish capture and handling techniques that make...

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Electrofishing at night has great success because the fish naturally come into the shallow waters, where they are easier to see and capture. One of the most important tools to electrofishing, or general fish surveying, at night successfully is proper electrofishing lights. The electrofishing lighting that best suits your setup can vary depending on if you are going from a boat, wading with a backpack or electrofishing via tote and barge.  The cover photo on this blog post features 8x Swamp Eye HD Electrofishing Lights (originally designed for commercial fishing, flounder gigging, and bowfishing). What Makes a Good Electrofishing Light? The Best Electrofishing...

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Electrofishing is not legal in most states for recreational use, but is commonly used by various universities and government agencies for surveying fish populations and densities in freshwater lakes and streams. As long as the process is done properly, there is no permanent harm to the fish and they are back to their natural mobile state within two minutes of being captured. How Does Electrofishing Work? Types of Electrofishing Boat Mounted Electrofishing (Stunboats)Tote Barge ElectrofishingBackpack Electrofishing Does Electrofishing Harm Fish? Does Electrofishing work in Freshwater and Saltwater? Is Electrofishing Legal? How Does Electrofishing Work? Electrofishing uses two submerged electrodes (an...

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