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Product Features

Corrosion Resistant

Made from 316 “Kitchen Grade and Corrosion Resistant” Stainless Steel for enhanced corrosion resistance. After long term use in harsh saltwater environments, these fish gigs maintain their cosmetic and structural integrity.

Razor Sharp Points 

The fish gig points are machine sharpened for fast penetration of fish swimming beneath the gigger. Whether gigging soft skinned fish such as flounder or thick-scaled gar, our razor sharp points will penetrate quickly.

Maximum Holding Power

Once the fish is gigged, it’s important for them to hold on tight to prevent our customers from losing their prized catch. On the contrary, it’s important to not overly design the barbs such that the fish fillet is damaged when taking fish off the gig. This is a critical aspect for our commercial customers. Taking this into account, we’ve designed a barb that holds fish on tight once they are gigged, but also allows the fish to come off easily once the user is ready to slide them in the ice box. 

High Strength

Designed by Engineers who are passionate fish giggers, stress analysis tests were used to eliminate weak points where our competitors gigs commonly break or fracture. Not only will our high strength gigs take the abuse associated with gigging flounder on oyster reefs, they have been proven to push a 22 ft boat around in 20+ mph winds without breaking. The strength of our gigs is incomparable to any of our competitors. 

Universal Mount

Our gigs will mount to any 3/4-inch pipe (nominal size). This is equivalent to a pipe, conduit or wood pole outer diameter of approximately 1 inch. Each gig comes with a 1/4-inch 316 stainless steel bolt and locknut for easily locking the gig to the pole of your choice. 

Fish Spear Dimensions 

5.75 inches wide

5.50 inches tall 

Common Uses

Our customers use our fish gigs for a variety of fish and frogs. Those closer to saltwater commonly use the gigs for gigging flounder, gar, sheepshead, drum, and sting rays. Our customers on freshwater lakes, rivers and streams commonly use them for gigging suckers, carp, bullhead, bowfin, gar, frogs and other freshwater non-game fish. Our customers on rural properties with ranches and stocked ponds may use them to chase large bull frogs and even cleaning the pond of trash fish such as carp and gar that can infiltrate ponds after flooding events.  

We have also collaborated with several government agencies who utilize our equipment as a part of their work.

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