Swamp Eye® Submersible Flounder Gigging Light

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  • 120 Watt flounder light

  • 19,500 Lumens that are color tone adjustable for clear and muddy water

  • underwater light made to conquer the saltwater environment

  • Removable Protective Cover

  • Easily mount LED flounder lights to boat or flounder gig pole 


Flounder gigging lights made to spot more fish and bring in bigger hauls; the 19,500 LUMEN Swamp Eye Submersible flounder light is capable of adjusting color tone to see through clear or muddy water from HPS warm white (2000k) to an LED cool white (6000k). Regardless of the water conditions you are in, these flounder lights will give you the best color light for flounder gigging. Run these underwater LED flounder lights for long durations by easily mounting them to a removable boat adapter

The color tone adjustability combined with extremely high brightness LEDs are only two of the features that make these the best flounder gigging lights for sale. The third feature is our removable protective cover that can be mounted on the face of the gigging lights for times when the boat gets too shallow and scrapes the bottom or hits an oyster reef. Scroll down below to see us take a sledge hammer to a flounder light just to show how tough these covers are

Flounder gigging is done in saltwater, which is extremely corrosive on lights that are not designed to be used in saltwater. Our underwater flounder lights are made to conquer the saltwater environment. Comprised of aerospace grade abrasion and corrosion resistant wiring, an industrial anodized aluminum heatsink, and stainless steel hardware. 

If you're looking for flounder gigging lights for wading, look no further. These will easily mount to your flounder gig pole with a 1/4" U-bolt available at your local hardware store. Our flounder light brackets are designed for 1/4" U-bolts or conventional bolts to be used for mounting purposes. You can power them with a deer feeder battery and get 2-3 hours of continuous run time with the small deer feeder batteries. If you use a deep cycle battery, the time of use increases up to 20 hours. See specifications below for more details. 

Our underwater lights are trusted by commercial fishermen, professional guides, fisheries biologists, State Natural Resource Departments, and even amateurs to light up the waters and see more fish. 

These underwater lights are also great lobstering and bully netting lights, fish gigging lights, bowfishing lights, and can be used by Natural Resource Departments for surveying and locating invasive species. 


Power Draw:

120 Watt

Extremely High Efficiency LEDs (160+ lumens per watt compared to typical 100 lumens per watt LEDs)

Note: Do NOT run the Swamp Eye Submersible Lights above water. These are UNDERWATER ONLY lights. 

Amp Draw: 

12V DC (Battery) Both Color Tones - 10 Amp

12V DC (Battery) Single Color Tone - 5 Amp

Estimated Run Time on Typical Deep Cycle Battery (Both Color Tones): 10 Hours

Estimated Run Time on Typical Deep Cycle Battery (Single Color Tone): 20 Hours


Light w/out Mounting Bracket:
2.75" tall X 4.5" wide X 1.5" deep

Light w/ Mounting Bracket:
4.75" tall X 5.75" wide X 1.5" deep

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