Predator Hunting Lights

Night Hunting Lights

To light up your next hunt, Outrigger Outdoors has the best predator hunting lights for night hunting in any situation you might find yourself in. Our wide variety of night lights for hunting will present more shot opportunities to bring in bigger hauls. Check out all our different hunting lights, from varmint lights to predator hunting lights. 

Lights for Night Hunting

The innovative night hunting lights we design help the hunter stay hidden in the shadows, while discretely illuminating the target species. Depending on your situation or the animals that you’re hunting, you may choose from warm white, red, infrared (IR) or green LED night hunting lights. The different light wavelengths included on our hunting lights are designed to stay within the color blind range of most target animals; including hogs, coons, coyotes, pigs, bobcats, varmints, predators and more. Our bright Predator Cannon Hunting Light gives you the solution you need for your night hunting trips.

Our selection of Predator Hunting Lights also work well for:

hog hunting lights

The best lights for hog hunting at night illuminate hogs at long ranges, without exposing the hog hunter. Our selection of predator hunting lights are designed well within the color blind range of wild hogs, and also come standard with dimmable controls, giving the hog hunter more opportunities for successful hog hunts. Shop now for the best hog hunting lights for sale. 

coon hunting lights

The best coon hunting lights are able to light up coons for an accurate shot, without sending them into a tree trunk or burrowed hole for protection. Our lights feature dimmable controls for even the most cautious coons, and our wavelength color is optimized for a coons color blind range. These are only two of the features that make our lights the best coon hunting lights for sale. Shop our selection to learn more. 

coyote lights for hunting

Nature's premier predator is the coyote. We've designed the perfect lights for night hunting these creatures at the first yipping and howling coyote sounds to start the night. The Predator Cannon is one of the best lights for hunting coyotes, due to it's ability to discretely light up an entire pasture. The more pastureland you can see, the more effective your coyote hunting trips will be. Having quality coyote lights for coyote hunting can be the difference in getting skunked on consecutive trips verses stockpiling dogs in the back of your truck. Among all our coyote hunting lights, the Predator Cannon is the best coyote hunting light in open pastures and on high racks. 

varmint hunting lights

The best varmint hunting lights are designed for a wide-range of species, which include all of those previously mentioned. The adjustable intensity, optimized wavelength, and non-reflective finish are a few features that make our lights the best lights for varmint hunting. If you're a varmint hunter looking to light up more varmints at night without spooking them, shop our selection of night light coon hunting lights now. 

Predator Hunting Lights for Beginners and Veterans

As most veteran hunters know, a red light for predator hunting helps hunters stay hidden in the dark while lighting up your target. Our wide variety of LED predator hunting lights include the perfect options no matter the animal you’re looking to hunt. The right gear is more important than ever when you’re going up against nature’s predators, so bring along predator lights to make sure your shots are true.

If particularly interested in our predator hunting lights, or if you would like to learn more about the various LED hunting lights we carry,  contact us today.