Underwater Green Fishing Light

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Green Fishing Light Features


  • Super Bright Green LEDs
  • 250 Watt | 110/120V AC | 25,000 Lumens
  • Made to Run Underwater in Saltwater
  • Optimal Wavelength for Attracting Fish
  • Portable, Compact, and Extremely Durable
  • Barnacle Resistant Lens
  • Lays Flat on Bottom or Mounts to Dock Post

Super Bright Green LEDs Made for Fishing

Our underwater LED fishing lights are not just green LEDs, they are optimized for the wavelength fish are most attracted to. Compare our light to the competition and you will see a difference in the extremely bright green glow that lights up the water. Our LEDs are engineered to attract more fish to help fishermen bring in bigger hauls. These underwater green fishing lights work great for redfish, trout and snook fishing, dock fishing, crappie fishing, bass fishing and even shrimping. They are made to attract a variety of fish species in both freshwater and saltwater environments. In addition to green LEDs made for fishing, they are also made for maximum brightness and made to last. The makeup of our LED chips include engineered LED crystals and CopperCore technology to be among the highest lumen-per-watt output and longest lasting in the lighting industry.  

250 Watt, 110V AC LED Fishing Light

Easily power this underwater green fishing light at your local 110V AC power outlet or fish cleaning station outlet. If you wish to run it off battery, it is also capable of running off 24V DC. 

Made for Corrosive Saltwater Environments

Rated IP 69 waterproof for continuous underwater use and maintains optimal corrosion resistance from saltwater. These lights are designed to run underwater for long durations while fishing. All materials used are optimized for corrosion resistance and have an industrial grade coating to add even more protection to the already corrosion resistant materials. These underwater green fishing lights are made to last.

CORROSION RESISTANT WIRING: We now include 36 FT LONG LEADS! our new wiring components are made for long term use in harsh saltwater environments. All connectors are reinforced with industrial grade seals for lasting a long, long time. For added protection, this underwater green fishing light has a GFCI plug to minimize the risk of accidents. 

Barnacle Resistant Lens

Unlike most LEDs, this green fishing light was made with barnacles at top of mind. When used regularly, the LEDs heat up enough to prevent barnacle growth on the durable polycarbonate lens cover. Recommended use is dusk to dawn for best barnacle prevention results. In the event the light is left off for long periods of time and there is barnacle growth, a chisel can be used to remove the barnacles from the lens cover. We use an industrial grade polycarbonate for maximum resilience. In the event the barnacle growth is bad enough that the lens cover needs to be replaced, just reach out to us and we can provide a replacement lens. 

When used dusk to dawn, the lens cover is less likely to accumulate barnacle growth. However, the housing of the light may still accumulate barnacle, moss, or other types of underwater growth. Underwater growth rates vary by waterway and location, so we recommend inspecting and cleaning the light once a week when first installed, to gain a better understanding of how the light will do in your waterway. Some waterways may only need to be inspected once a month or once every other month, while other waterways may require the light to be inspected once a week or every other week. We are being up front and honest about this, and you will see this with any underwater light (or any other underwater object) you submerge. Areas near oyster beds tend to have minimal growth compared to areas on open mud flats. Rivers with continuous flow tend to have less growth than stagnant ponds. 

Fail-Safe Design for Accidents

Although the protective lens cover is sledge hammer proof, accidents can still happen. In the event the protective lens on the underwater green fishing light is cracked or busted for any reason, whether a passing boat prop hits it or anything else, we coat the internal electrical components with a saltwater resistant coating to help prevent the LEDs from burning out (due to saltwater exposure). If something happens to the protective lens cover, remove the light from the water and contact us for a new lens cover. Rinse the light with freshwater and dry, then install the new lens cover. Once installed, the light can go back in the water to attract fish. 

If anything happens to your light while underwater, we implement a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) into the wire harness for the light. When the GFCI is triggered, all power to the light will be shut down. This helps protect the electrical in your home or dock from accidents. 

Lays Flat on Bottom or Mounts to Dock

If you plan on temporarily using the light to illuminate the water and bring fish in to a boat or dock, just simply toss it out in the water with the LEDs facing up and it's made to slowly drop to the bottom without flipping over.

 If you need to get it further out away from the boat or dock, we recommend throwing it like a frisby with the LEDs facing up and it will sink properly. The mounting bracket will stay flush and not interfere with the light laying flat on the bottom.This works great only if you are temporarily using the light to attract fish and light everything up. Another-words, if you are using it for an hour or two at a time and not permanently mounting the light.

If you plan on permanently installing the light, we recommend putting something underneath the light to raise it up off the bottom and keep it from sinking down into the mud, sand, or sediment. Our customers have used various items to raise it up off the bottom including crab traps, concrete cinderblocks, and they've mounted it to the dock post 1-2 ft up off the bottom and 1-2 feet below the low tide line to keep it out of the mud and always underwater. There are many more ways to mount these lights, but these are some of the more common methods that have been proven to work well. Our personal favorite mounting method is to attach the light to a top of a crab trap. This is a super cheap and easy method to raise the light up off the bottom and out of the mud, but also makes it super easy to pull the light in if you need to. 

Note: If you plan on tossing the light onto a soft mud bottom, we advise you attach the light to the top of a crab trap or wide cinder block (the wider the better) or similar piece of material to prevent it from sinking into the mud. You may also use the mounting bracket to attach the light to a dock post or similar underwater object to prevent it from sinking. If the light sinks into the mud, it will not be able to be seen and it can also overheat. It is best for the light to stay in the water column so it can properly cool itself and broadcast a bright green beam to light up the water and attract fish. This goes for all underwater lights, not just ours. Similarly, these lights must be submerged in water during use. They cannot be turned on above water or they will overheat. They are high output lights that utilize water for cooling. 


Manufacturer Warranty

Our Underwater Green Fishing Lights come with a standard one year manufacturer warranty. This covers manufacturer defects for a period of one year. In the event you have a problem, we encourage you to file a claim for the manufacturer warranty. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and this is one of many reasons we have increased our quality control standards to ensure every single light we produce is our best. Each light is quality control tested 5 times throughout the production process, including testing it right before it is boxed and shipped to you. 

Damages Warranty

In the event your Underwater Green Fishing Light is damaged for any reason; including a boat prop hitting the light and damaging it, or any other various reason you may file a claim for the damages warranty. This will require you to send the light back to us. If we are able to fix it for a minimal cost, we will. If it is damaged beyond us fixing it, we will split the cost with you to replace the unit. This is how we help our customers when s___ happens!

Green Light for Fishing

For more information on the design behind this underwater green fishing light, we encourage you read our in-depth article on the best underwater green fishing light.

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