Bow Stabilizer Light for Night Hunting

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Hunting Bow Light

Our bow stabilizer light easily mounts to your hunting bow. Whether you're hunting varmints, hogs, or predators, the adjustable intensity of our hunting bow light helps bow hunters pull off the perfect shots without alerting their target, resulting in more successful hunts.  Our new interchangeable LEDs are engineered to be the best wavelength for taking advantage of color blindness in hogs, varmints, and predators. The dimmable controls allow hunters to slowly increase or decrease brightness, making it perfect for spot and stalk situations. Whether you’re night-hunting from a blind, coyote-hunting on a brush line, or even trying to see what's beyond your hog feeder light, our compound bow hunting stabilizer light will help you bring in bigger hauls. Added feature: our bow hunting light now comes standard with a picatinny rail for adding more attachments to your hunting bow.



  • This hunting bow light gradually increases brightness from 0% to 100% with the touch of a button to avoid spooking varmints such as raccoons, opossums, pigs / hogs, or predators such as coyotes, bobcats, and mountain lions. 

  • Interchangeable Red, Green, and IR (Infrared) LEDs to help you remain unnoticed while hunting hogs, varmints, and predators.

  • Adjustable Beam

    • 400 yard spot beam for long range shots.

    • 130 degree, 100 ft wide flood beam for short range shots.

  • Universal mount for attaching to hunting bow or picatinny rail on rifle. Mount includes adapter for attaching other accessories, including stabilizers. 


  • Bow Stabilizer Light

  • IR (Infrared), Red, and Green Interchangeable LEDs

  • Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery

  • Portable Battery Charger

  • Universal Bow and Rifle Mount (including picatinny rail and adapter)