Night Fishing, Flounder Gigging & Bowfishing Gear

When you come to Outrigger Outdoors for gear and equipment, you know you’re buying the best stuff to get the job done. We have what you need to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities, from tools for flounder gigging to bowfishing gear. Whether you prefer to go after aquatic creatures or hunt animals on land, our equipment can help.

In addition to fantastic bowfishing gear, we also provide all sorts of other equipment for hunting and fishing. You can hook up our LED boat lights to your vessel and head out on the water looking for fish! Whether you want lights for lobster bully netting or flounder gigging, a set of bright LEDs never hurts. Speaking of flounder, Outrigger Outdoors is also your one-stop shop for flounder gigs and crappie fishing gear.

Want to know the best part about LEDs? Even though they’re super bright, they don’t require much power to use. That means they’ll last a very long time before you need to worry about replacing them. The same goes for our underwater green fishing lights, which are perfect for mounting underneath your dock. They’ll draw small baitfish toward them, which creates a very appealing spot for the larger fish to gather in!

Or maybe you’re looking for hunting lights—if so, we’ve got you covered there, too! Our hog hunting lights and predator hunting lights will make it easy to find your prey, no matter what you’re hunting. With all this outdoor gear to choose from, it may be tough to choose just one thing to pick up.

Check out our supply of gear that’ll make your next trip into the woods or onto the water a success. Do you have questions or comments about any of our equipment? Contact us to discuss bowfishing gear or anything else you’re wondering about.