Predator Cannon® Hunting Light

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Predator Cannon® Hunting Light Bar

  • 220 watt (24 inch) 490 watt (52 inch) Predator Hunting Light
  • Gradually adjust a 1,000-yard beam from 0% to 100% intensity and light up predators downrange undetected.
  • Fully Identify (not just eye shine) target species with scope at 500+ yards
  • Compatible with 12V DC battery
  • Engineered for optimal color blind range of coyotes and other dichromate vision animals (hogs, bobcats, and other varmints and predators)
  • Predator spotlight and floodlight combination for recovering missed shots
  • Ideal for night hunting, mounts easily to high racks, ATVs, trucks, blinds and more. See Predator Cannon® Mounting Ideas for photos.

What makes them the best night hunting lights?

The Predator Cannon® night-hunting light is ranked among the best LED predator-hunting lights and coyote lights for sale; continuous innovation has helped predator-hunters expose more coyotes, bobcats, varmints, coons, and hogs without spooking them.  The most innovative feature is the Predator Cannon® long range beam that reaches out to over 1,000 Yards for eye shine with one of the most difficult colors to broadcast long range (red). The wavelength of our red hunting light is engineered for the optimal color blind range of coyotes, hogs, and other dichromate-vision animals. While many predator lights claim to shine light at long ranges, the Predator Cannon® hunting light bar has the ability to fully illuminate (not just eye-shine) a target species for identification at a range of 500+ yards.

Unlike most predator lights, which require the user to decrease the illuminated area by zooming in their night-hunting spotlight, the Predator Cannon® hunting light bar broadcasts a wide flood and long spot beam simultaneously so that you and your spotter can keep your eyes on the target, whether it's a hit and they drop or a miss and they run. It also works as a great coon-hunting light for shy coons in faraway trees. 

The ability to light up varmints downrange is second to none, but as most experienced night-hunters know, too much light can cast shadows and spook even the most color blind animals. The Predator Cannon® dimmable control comes standard to allow the user full control of light intensity. The ability to dial the light intensity down is important for calling in shy coyotes and even bobcats. Once the animal is fully committed, quickly and easily increase the intensity to make for a clearer shot.

Whether you are making a quick trip or hunting all night long, it is important for predator hunting lights to have power flexibility in the event things go wrong in the middle of a tournament or night hunting trip. Our predator lights and dimmable controls are capable of running on 12V DC battery setups.

Another aspect that makes these the best predator hunting lights or varmints lights is their 24" long strong aluminum frame with a black finish which gives them excellent corrosion resistance and minimizes reflective shine. An added feature to the long frame is an efficient reflector design that takes full advantage of every inch of the light to increase the illumination spread while also allowing space for a centralized beam that will shine long range. The reflectors do a great job at directing light to the field, where it matters most for navigation and nearby varmints and predators. The central beam does a great job at directing light down range, for long range shots. Unlike conventional light bars with spot/flood combination reflectors that don't reach out far enough, we have managed to minimize the amount of wasted light by directing it exactly where it matters most: to the predator. Whether you're looking for the best predator-, varmint-, or coon-hunting lights, the Predator Cannon® hunting light bar will help you produce a successful hunt.


Power Draw:

24" Hunting Light Bar: 220 Watt
52" Hunting Light Bar: 490 Watt

Amp Draw: 

Power Source: 12V DC (Battery) 

24" Hunting Light Bar: 
16 Amp (Max Brightness)
1 Amp (Min. Brightness)

52" Hunting Light Bar: 
35 Amp (Max Brightness)
2 Amps (Min. Brightness)


24" Hunting Light Bar: 24" long X 3.75" tall X 3.75" deep
52" Hunting Light Bar: 52" long X 3.75" tall X 3.75" deep

Night Hunting Setups

The Predator Cannon® Hunting Light comes standard with a 9 ft long wire harness that includes dimmable controls for turning the light on/off as well as gradually adjusting light intensity from 0% to 100%. The light also comes standard with mounting brackets that mount to the side of the industrial anodized aluminum housing, which work great for mounting to vehicles, high racks, ATVs, and more.

If you are interested in running solo and using the light for handheld use or for mounting to a tri-pod (or similar) stand, we recommend purchasing the bottom-mount brackets to allow you more versatility in where you can mount your light. The bottom-mount brackets will fit along the track machined within the heatsink located at the bottom end of the light. These brackets make it easy to convert the light bar to a handheld setup or a 
trip-pod setup. 

Video at Night with Predator Cannon® Hunting Light