Predator Cannon Hunting Light Mounting Ideas

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Predator Cannon Hunting Light Mounting Ideas

The Predator Cannon Hunting Light is one of the most diverse lights that can be used for predator hunting, coyote hunting, hog hunting, varmint hunting, coon hunting, and many other methods of night hunting. The optimized wavelength illumination allows the Predator Cannon to take advantage of the color blindness in most target night hunting species. These species include hogs, coyotes, bobcats, varmints, coons, pigs, dogs, and many more placental mammals. Combine this with the adjustable intensity, and the light is second to none in terms of short and long range performance. 

predator cannon hunting light bar for hogs

Predator Cannon Hunting Light Uses

Coyote Hunting Light | Predator Hunting Light

Whether you are hunting coyotes, bobcats, or any other predator, they are constantly on the move. Usability is key, but it's equally important to be able to illuminate an entire field rather than one small spot. Coyotes typically travel in packs, and the last thing you want to do in the middle of a tournament is only shoot 1 coyote when you could've had 3. 

coyote hunting light
This photo was taken from a high rack on-top of a side by side UTV. 

Hog Hunting Light | Hog Feeder Light

Hogs are often hunted underneath deer feeders as well as throughout pastures. The Predator Cannon Hunting Light makes for one of the best hog feeder lights by simply mounting it to the bottom base of your deer blind. The adjustable controls can be run through the blind window for adjusting the light intensity. Unlike most hog hunting lights, the Predator Cannon does a great job at providing a close-range wide flood as well as a long range flood. Whether your feeder is 30 yards away or 300 yards away, the Predator Cannon makes for a great feeder light for hog hunting.
hog feeder light
This photo was taken of a deer blind that has a Predator Cannon Hunting Light attached to the bottom of its base. This blind setup is for bow hunting hogs at night. 
hog hunting light
This is a setup for hog hunting at night. It is the same setup as above for bow hunting hogs, just a different camera angle. The Predator Cannon Hunting Light is at maximum intensity to show the brightness, it can be dimmed down to a very small portion of this intensity for locating hogs and seeing what's under the hog feeder. 

Scanning Light

We hunt predators tournaments of all sizes, from small local tournaments to large state and national tournaments. This can call for a setup that is extremely mobile, and we've found that utilizing a tripod as a stand for the light works very well. We are currently developing a turn-key solution to this, but for the time being this will certainly get the job done.

predator cannon scanning light with swivel mount

In this particular photo we were on-the-go and had very little time to setup a permanent solution. If you look closely you will see that we used duck tape to tie the light down at the mounting brackets, but I must say we never had problems with it coming loose! 

All-Around Night Hunting Lights

Whether you're trying to get to your hunting spot early in the morning and don't want to spook the animals around you, or enjoy night hunting for coons, varmints, and other critters, the Predator Cannon Hunting Light works great for them all. The light comes with side-mount brackets that will fit most vehicles and under-mount brackets are available for purchase separately for the tight-fitting spaces. 

night hunting lights

This is a photo from a customer who uses this jeep on his deer lease. They use the Predator Cannon Hunting Lights for night hunting and they also use them for getting to their deer stand early without spooking the area. The adjustable intensity is key to being able to see what's ahead without spooking animals. 


We encourage you to send us your setups of your Predator Cannon Hunting Lights and we'd be happy to post them here and/or share to our social media pages. Shop the Predator Cannon Hunting Light!

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