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Hog Feeder Lights are a great option for night hunting wild hogs. If you're able to choose the right light, it will illuminate the pigs without spooking them. Many hunters use them for rifle hunting hogs, but others may even used them for bow hunting hogs. There are several key features to buying the best feeder lights for hog hunting, which must be designed for a hogs characteristic flaws as well as usability for hunters. If you take the best hog feeder light and combine it with wild hog bait attractant, you are bound to have far more successful hog hunting trips.  The...

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This weeks blog will be exposing some of the hottest topics of night hunting: 1 - What is a night hunting light? 2 - Is a red or green light best for hog hunting? 3 - Is a red or green light best for predator hunting? 4 - Is a red or green light best for varmint hunting? This age old question has some of the strongest, most opinionated answers that vary from amateurs to professionals. Normally I would give a short answer to this question upfront but due to the continued controversy we receive from our friends, followers, customers...

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