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The key to success in predator hunting is learning how to properly use your equipment. In this segment, we will discuss how to scan fields with your night hunting light. When a predator hunting light is used effectively, it can be more valuable than night vision or thermal scanners. This might seem ridiculous to a beginner, but it comes down to learning how to properly use your night hunting light to maintain your camouflage and quickly identify coyotes, bobcats, fox and other predators. Learning How to Scan while Predator Hunting Electronic calls and decoys have made it easy to bring coyotes, bobcats, and other...

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The best coyote light is going to play to the few disadvantages nature's premier predator has. Coyotes have great eye sight, hearing, smell, and agility which makes it very difficult for coyote hunters to see them long enough to pull a shot off. Many times coyotes will come and go while the night hunter is not aware of their presence. It is important that your coyote hunting lights are designed to light up dogs before they're senses tell them you're in the area. Hunting lights for coyotes are few and far between, but some of the best coyote hunting lights can be the difference in getting busted or having a successful set while...

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