Flounder Gigs

Our business was founded upon one product: a flounder gig that lasts. The product was born out of frustration after spending over $100 on a flounder gig pole that broke after gigging only the second flounder of the night. It was obvious that the ability to quickly penetrate and retrieve a fish swimming was extremely important, but it was equally important to be able to use the fish gig time after time. That's where our flounder gigs for sale comes in.

Flounder Gig that Lasts

Our flounder gigs are designed to easily mount to any 3/4-inch NPS pole, by simply sliding the gig on to the end of the pole and use a provided stainless steel bolt to fasten the flounder gig down. The flounder gig is manufactured into one uniform piece to maximize strength, with reinforcement in high stress areas. Our flounder gigs are simple to install to your flounder gig pole, razor sharp, and made to last. 

3 Prong Flounder Gig

Our 3-prong flounder gig for sale option was made for those who are walking or wading and flounder gigging. It's also a good suit for those in Volusia County, Florida where 3 prong flounder gigs are required and 5 prong flounder gigs are not allowed. 

5 Prong Flounder Gig

Our 5 prong flounder gig option has even more holding power than the 3 prong option and works great when used from a flounder gigging boat. Most states and counties allow a 5 prong flounder gig, with the exception of Volusia County in Florida.