Heatshrink Ruler for Flounder Gig Pole

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This heatshrink wrap is made to fit our aluminum flounder gig poles. It will fit any pole with an outside diameter of 1-inch, after shrinking down. Gently apply heat with heat gun, propane burner or torch, blow dryer, or similar method. If you order a heatshrink wrap with one of our flounder gig poles, we will install it upon request (add it to the notes of your order). 

Two Available Options:

6 FT Flounder Gig Pole Wrap includes 1x Heatshrink Wrap with Ruler made to cover a 6 FT Flounder Gig Pole. 

12 FT Flounder Gig pole Wrap includes 2x Heatshrink Wrap with Ruler made to cover each 6 FT section of the 12 FT pole as well as a wrap for covering the aluminum coupling that connects the two poles.