Bully Netting Lights

Bully Netting Lights

Perfect for any lobster catching expedition, Outrigger Outdoors has a wide selection of high-quality bully netting lights for your fishing boat. We pride ourselves on supplying you with the best bully netting lights money can buy. More than capable of helping you with any fishing outing, our LED lobster lights are tested and proven by top commercial fishermen in the heart of bully net lobstering country —the Florida Keys.

Lights for Bully Netting Lobster

The most common bully netting lights setup we sell is the Swamp Eye Submersible combined with our boat adapter for underwater lights. It's easy to mount and will turn your bay boat into a bully netting boat in a matter of seconds. For bright lobstering lights and bully netting products you can completely trust to get the job done, we’re your number one option.

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