Swamp Eye® Silent Series Bowfishing Light

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  • 70W LED BOWFISHING LIGHT | Built to Run Silent on Batteries or Alternator

  • ADJUSTABLE COLOR OUTPUT means better visibility in clear or muddy water, along with an improved 11,000+ lumen output with minimal power draw.

  • FLEXIBLE POWER OPTIONS: One light is compatible with battery (12/24V DC) and can be run on generator with a 24V Powermax Converter. Each light draws 2.9 amps on 24V, so add up total number of lights for determining converter size. 

  • LOW PROFILE HOUSING DESIGN (10" long, 3.25" tall, 2.75" deep | bracket not included in dimensions); for detailed dimensions including brackets please see drawing in photos. 

  • RE-ENGINEERED REFLECTOR maximizes lighting efficiency by putting it where you need it most, and minimizing wasted light output to the trees and houses on the bank. This allows our lower wattage (70W) light to compete with higher wattage lights in terms of effective brightness performance. 

  • BUILDING BLOCK WIRE HARNESS COMPATIBLE for easy plug and play wiring allowing you to control multiple lights by one dial. No permanent customizations required.

  • OPTIONAL ADD ON: Bluetooth Controller for OutriggerGO App. Control your Swamp Eye Silent Series Lights from your phone, here's the Complete Guide to the OutriggerGO App.

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In the development of our Swamp Eye Silent Series Lights, our goal was to design and develop a light for bowfishermen and flounder giggers who are looking for a light that can do the following:

1. ) Utilize batteries or an alternator (from a fan or airboat motor) to run all night long, no generator needed. 

2.) Have a small footprint for taking up minimal deck space.

3.) Broadcast a wide flood to minimize dark spots, especially when mounted on corners.

4.) Minimize light waste - shine where the light is needed (on the water) and not up in the trees and into houses on the banks.

5.) Be compatible with the OutriggerGo App and our Building Block Wire Harness.

6.) Color adjustable for increasing visibility in clear or muddy water, just like our other bowfishing lights. 

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Swamp Eye Silent Series Can Adjust for Any Water Condition


Power Draw (per light):

70 Watts

Amp Draw (per light): 

24V DC Battery - 2.92 Amps

12V DC Battery - 5.83 Amps

Dimensions, Excluding Mounting Bracket:

10" Wide, 2.75" Tall, 3.25" Deep

Dimensions, Including Mounting Bracket:

12.5" Wide, 3.75" Tall, 2.75" Deep

Light Weight:

2 lb 2 oz

Estimated Battery Run Time:

Varies depending on amp hour capacity of your battery. 

If using a 24V DC battery, divide the amp hour capacity by the 24V amp draw for an estimated run time. 

Example: For a 50 Ah 24V Battery, 50 Amp-hours / 2.92 Amps = 17.1 hours Run Time

If using 2x 12V batteries in series, the amp hour capacity of each battery will be added and then divided by 2. The resulting amp hour capacity will be divided by the amp draw to determine the run time of the light. 

Example: For 2x 12V 100 Amp Hour Deep Cycle Batteries:

(100 Amp-hours, 12V + 100 Amp-hours, 12V) / 2 = 100 Amp-hours, 24V

100 Amp-Hours / 2.92 Amps = 34.3 hours Run Time (typical run time for most deep cycle batteries)

Swamp Eye Silent Series Bowfishing Light with included side mount bracket - dimensions

Building Block Wire Harness

The building block wire harness is made of a waterproof plug and play system that makes wiring a breeze. You can forget about the days of crimping and soldering wires, this system is user friendly and easy to adjust in the middle of the night. 

Here's a Complete Guide to Building Block Wire Harness to learn more about the different components and how they operate our lights.

7 Components:

  1. Control Dial
    Turns connected lights on and off, adjusts color tone from warm white to cool white. Each light comes standard with 1 control dial. Additional dials are sold separately. 

  2. Foot Control Switch
    Works great for targeting light sensitive or highly pressured fish.

  3. Control Dial Extension Lead
    Use these to put the control dial wherever you want, or space your lights however far apart you want. This item is sold separately. 

  4. Tee Connector for Control Dial
    Used for connecting multiple lights to one single control dial. This item is sold separately. 

  5. Power Cord Extension Lead
    Easily extend the power cord of the lights with these, making mounting and wiring much easier. This item is sold separately. 

  6. Power Cord Lead with Battery Terminals
    Planning to run on 24V DC batteries? Includes a power cord lead wire with waterproof plug on one end and battery terminal ends on the other, making it quick and easy to switch from battery to generator. This item is sold separately.

  7.  Bluetooth Controller for OutriggerGO App
    This bluetooth controller gives you an edge to put more fish in the boat. It allows tons of customizable options to set your lights up for specific species and water conditions. A few options include but are not limited to 9 quick color output selection buttons, an even more precise color wheel for dialing your color down to the detail, the ability to increase and decrease brightness of your lights, the ability to set your lights up on different banks for controlling them separately or together, and a custom strobe feature for targeting light sensitive fish such as silver carp. There are tons more options you can find in the OutriggerGO App: Complete Guide