Bluetooth Controller for OutriggerGO App

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  • Bluetooth controller that allows you to control your Swamp Eye HD or Swamp Eye Gen 2.X Lights from your phone.
  • Disconnect the control dial from your light and plug this bluetooth controller in its place.
  • Gives you unlimited control over your bowfishing and flounder gigging lights.
  • Easily set lights up on multiple banks to control different sets of lights at a time.
  • Complete wireless control of your lights with a plug and play setup.

If you're looking for unlimited options to customize your bowfishing lights, look no further than the OutriggerGO app. Quickly and easily download it in the iTune or Android App Store and purchase this bluetooth controller to utilize it with your lights.

The OutriggerGO app allows tons of custom variations from adjusting your color output, brightness, setting lights up on control banks, a customizable strobe setting for light sensitive fish, among many other options.

To see everything the OutriggerGO app has to offer, we encourage you to visit our article on OutriggerGO App: The Complete Guide.

Bluetooth Controller Compatibility

OutriggerGO App: Video In Action