DURANAV® Rock Lights | Interior & Exterior Boat Lighting

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Key Features

  • IP69K cured-in-place construction allows these rock lights to be submerged under the boat water line, or mounted above water in freshwater or saltwater. 
  • Choose your favorite color setting from many different options via the OutriggerGo App. These lights change colors between various shades of red, green, blue, yellow, purple and white light. 
  • Maintain your night vision with dimmable controls - dim them down while moving to your next fishing spot, brighten them back up when it's time to wet a line. 
  • Control via bluetooth with the OutriggerGO app, available for free on App Store for Android and Apple users. 
  • If you need to space the rock lights further apart than 2 to 3 ft: Wire Extensions for DURANAV® Rock Lights are available in 28 inch increments. 


The DURANAV® Rock Lights have been designed, tested and proven by the Nation's top flounder gigging and bowfishing guides, tournament fishermen and commercial fishermen. They're the first rock light built from the ground up to withstand the harsh saltwater environment. Worry no more about rock lights that fail pre-maturely, the DURANAV® Rock Lights are here for the long haul. 

The DURANAV® Marine Grade Interior & Exterior Rock Lights come in increments of 1x Driver / Controller & 4 Rock Lights. We recommend a minimum of 4 rock lights to be hooked up to each controller / driver. If you want more ambient light, you may use as many as 6-8 rock lights per driver / controller. 

Although the DURANAV® Marine Grade Rock Lights are submersible, they can be run above water as well. Here is a customers airboat where they are utilized for cage and deck lighting so he can walk around the boat without tripping over miscellaneous things.