Hog Hunting Lights

Hog Hunting Lights

To light up your next pig hunt, Outrigger Outdoors has the best hog hunting lights to present more shot opportunities without spooking hogs. Our wide selection of hog hunting lights is designed and field tested by hog hunters across the nation. We don't skimp on quality control and attention detail, which is obvious when you run our pig hunting lights against the competition. Through rigorous testing, we’ve found that the color wavelength output of our hog hunting lights is optimized for the color blind range of wild hogs, helping to make your next hog hunt a success.

Hog Feeder Lights

Designed for the deer hunter who stays in the stand once the sun goes down, our hog feeder lights will illuminate a hog feeder at short or long range. The Predator Cannon™ broadcasts a wide beam capable of reaching out to 1,000 yards, making it the best hog light for a feeder. Simply mount our hog feeder lights to your deer stand, and you'll cover more hog hunting area than you would with any standard hog feeder light.

Hog Hunting Bow Light

Our bow light for hog hunting comes standard with interchangeable LEDs, making it one of the most versatile hog hunting lights for sale. Whether you are looking for a green light for hog hunting, red or even IR, this hog hunting light can do it all. The reinforced switch controls are made to last, with a hog hunters user experience at top of mind. Ideal for bow hunters, our hog hunting bow light at night boasts an adjustable beam that illuminates large areas at short or long distances. Look no further for the brightest and most user friendly hog hunting bow light.

Hog Hunting Light Bar

Turn your vehicle into a hunting machine with our hog hunting light bar. The color output of our hog hunting light bar is within the color blind range of feral pigs. Whether you're spot and stalking hogs from your vehicle or navigating hunting territory at night, our hog hunting light bar will light up the night without letting wild hogs know you're in the area. This hog hunting light’s wide flood beam will illuminate an entire field at distances up to 1,000 yards. 

If you are interested in our hog lights for hunting and hog feeder lights, or if you would like to learn more about the LED lights for hog hunting we offer, contact us today. Outrigger Outdoors carries the best and most effective selection of lights for hog hunting at night.