Interchangeable LED for Bow-Mounted Light

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Experience a new level of adaptability with our interchangeable LEDs for bow-mounted lights. Tailored for the dedicated night hunter or bowfisher, these LEDs allow you to adjust your lighting based on conditions. With these interchangeable LEDs for bow-mounted light, you have the power to redefine your night hunting or bowfishing experience. Don't just light up the night —master it with our LED night hunting and bowfishing lights.

Interchangeable LED lights compatible with our newest Bow Mounted Bowfishing Light and Bow Stabilizer Light for Night Hunting

LED bulbs for bowfishing are available in Red, Green, Warm White, Cool White, and Infrared LEDs. 

Note: The interchangeable LEDs are sold individually, the photo shows all interchangeable LED options. Please select the interchangeable LED you need in the drop down.