Fish and Game Processing Knives and Sealers

If you’re looking for fish and game processing knives and sealers, Outrigger Outdoors is your number one provider. We offer a wide selection of hunting and fishing fillet knives, fish and game vacuum sealers, and more to help you process and preserve your most recent catch or kill.

Our fish and game sealer is a well-rounded vacuum packaging machine that has been called the best wild game vacuum sealer as well as the best vacuum sealer for fish by many avid outdoorsman, charters, and outfitters. Compliment your vacuum sealer with sharp and durable processing knives in our VG10 flex fillet knife and VG10 gut and bait knife, designed for the ultimate outdoorsman and any hunting or fishing trip. Catch, clean, and cook your fish and game with us!

For more information on the fish and game processing knives and sealers available at Outrigger Outdoors, contact us, or start browsing our collection today.