Fishing Sun Hat

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A sun hat made for fishing. Our fishing sun hats are designed with saltwater fishermen in mind; cool, comfortable and breathable material; corrosion resistant components; and a pull string is included for windy days. Our UPF 50 fishing headwear makes a great gift as a men's or women's fishing hat. Look no further for a gender neutral, stylish saltwater fishing hat to fit the needs of any outdoorsmen. 

Key Features of our Fishing Sun Hat: 

  • UPF 50 (blocks 98% of UVA & UVB rays)
  • made from ultra comfortable material
  • breathable for keeping cool on hot days
  • adjustable pull string 
  • saltwater resistant

A Fishing Hat Made for the Outdoors

Our full brim sun hat was made with the saltwater fisherman in mind. The full 360-degree cover gives fishermen the most protection from the sun while out on the water. The adjustable pull string helps prevent the hat from flying off in high winds or while the boat is up on plane. All material on our sun hats is breathable and very comfortable. When you've arrived at the honey hole, the pull string on the hat can be loosened as needed for a comfort fit. 

      The Story Behind the Outdoor Sun Hat

      Our founder was diagnosed with skin cancer at a very young age, primarily due to continual sun exposure while spending the day out on the water. The first thing he invested in was a new sun hat; but it was pretty expensive, hot to wear, and ultimately did not look good. The fabric on the hat did not keep your head cool, which resulted in additional unnecessary sweating and caused the hat to have nasty white sweat bands within the first couple of uses. He set a goal to design a stylish sun hat that was breathable yet also blocked as much UV light as possible. The highest UPF rating attainable on clothing is 50 (which means blocks 98% of sunlight), and that was the standard that was set in designing a new fishing hat. For those that don't know - UPF rating refers to the ability to block both UVA and UVB rays while SPF only refers to the ability to block UVB rays. 

      After continual research and development in locating a material that had good breathable properties but also did a good job at blocking the sun, we made an attempt to put together our first fishing sun hat. This hat was more breathable, it was sewn and make-shifted into a sun hat so I wouldn't say it was stylish, but it was functional. The first couple of trials we took it offshore, it held up well. The problem we had was the pull string on the hat was made of metal and over time we noticed the metal started to rust and before long, it made the hat look worn and old.

      The next step was taking a detailed look at the hat and removing all components that would be affected by saltwater and replacing them with components that are corrosion resistant. After this, we spent more time focusing on making the sun hat look more stylish and ultimately the solution was the saltwater fishing hat we now offer to our customers today. It's been a long journey for us to get this hat to where it is, but we hope you enjoy this sun hat as much as we do!