Filletzall® Electronic Fillet Blades

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  • 100% Made in USA
  • Comes in 8.5", 10", and 12" lengths
  • Made from stain free, high carbon steel 
  • Designed by offshore Captain, Capt. Paul Bates

The Filletzall® BadThruTheBone® electronic fillet blades were pioneered by local Capt. Paul Bates after he was looking for an easier solution to clean hundreds of fish per week. The Filletzall® blades are made to fit all electronic reciprocating saws. 

12" Saltwater Series Electronic Fillet Blade

  • Best for large fish
  • Ideal for saltwater, works for large freshwater fish as well
  • Ideal for marlin, tuna, alligator gar, and many more.

10" Saltwater Series Electronic Fillet Blade

  • Best for medium sized fish
  • ideal for saltwater, works for large freshwater fish as well.
  • Ideal for redfish, alligator gar, Cobia, wahoo, and many more.

8.5" Freshwater Series Electronic Fillet Blade

  • Best for smaller fish
  • works in both freshwater and saltwater
  • Ideal for crappie, bass, trout, catfish and more

The Story Behind the Blade

Capt. Paul Bates runs an offshore charter service based out of Kemah, Texas. The Filletzall® idea came to him after working a long day on the water, then coming back to the chore of cleaning all his clients fish. He was exhausted from the hot day, and cleaning each fish by hand took a lot of added energy.

In attempt to make this process easier, Capt. Bates took his Dexter-Russell® fillet knife, removed the blade from the sheath, and grinded the handle-end of the blade down and drilled a hole to fasten it in place to his electronic reciprocating saw, termed "Sawzall" by Milwaukee Electronic Tools. 

His idea worked. The fillet knife blade he was using combined with the reciprocating saw's heavy duty gears made for one unstoppable combination in cleaning fish. 

How Does It Compare to Typical Electronic Fillet Knives?

  • Filletzall® Electronic Fillet Blades are significantly stronger and more heavy duty than most electronic fillet knives. 
  • Reciprocating saws have heavier duty gears compared to typical electronic fillet knives and are more readily available.
  • More cost-effective for people who already own reciprocating saws or are on the market for a reciprocating saw.