Foot Switch Light Control

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Key Features

  • Foot switch light control, compatible with Swamp Eye® HD Bowfishing Lights and Swamp Eye® Light Bar Gen 2.X.
    • Use control dial that comes with lights to adjust color (plugs into the provided tee).
    • Hooks up just like control dial hooks up (lights plug into opposite side of tee as dial).
    • See 2nd and 3rd photo in images for better explanation. 
  • Momentary on/off switch works great for bowfishing light sensitive fish.
    • Turns lights on ONLY when pressed. Lights turn off as soon as it is released. 
  • Plug and play, super easy to install. 
  • Ideal for bowfishing the following species:
    • Bigheads
    • Buffalo 
    • Silver Carp
    • Other misc. light sensitive fish
    • Highly pressured fish

The foot switch light control is an easy plug and play switch that allows you to turn your bowfishing lights on and off with your foot while still being able to adjust the color temperature output of your Swamp Eye® HD or Swamp Eye® Gen2.X lights. Whether you're bowfishing bigheads, buffalo, silvers or any other light sensitive or highly pressured fish, the foot control switch is a great addition to your bowfishing light system. 

Foot Control Switch Demo Video