Swamp Eye® Submersible (SOLID COLOR)

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  • 120 Watt Underwater LED Flounder Light

  • 19,500 Lumens now available in single color tone (2000k or 6000k)

  • Great for waters that are always muddy or always clear - such as flounder gigging in muddy bayous or bully netting in the Florida Keys

  • Removable impact resistant cover for increased damage protection from underwater objects

  • Easily mount these flounder gigging and bully netting lights to boat or wading and gigging gig pole. 



The ALL-NEW solid color Swamp Eye® Submersibles are for those who don't need the color tone adjustability of our standard Swamp Eye® Submersible Lights. These work great for flounder gigging in areas that are always muddy or always clear, or even serve as a great light for bully netting in the Florida Keys. 

Solid Color Options

Warm White | 2000k - ideal for areas with muddy water. Commonly used in bays and bayous that have muddy bottoms or are high traffic areas and are most prone to stirred up water columns. 

Cool White | 6000k - ideal for areas with clear water. Commonly used in open water, on sand flats, or areas with a lot of oyster beds. These lights are the go-to lights for bully netting lobster in the Florida Keys. 

Additional (optional) Universal Boat Adapter - the Universal Boat Adapter Pole is an aluminum pole that the Swamp Eye Submersible Light easily mounts to. The pole comes standard with a die-cast aluminum mounting bracket that easily mounts to the majority of flounder gigging, bully netting, and fishing boats. 

Removable Protective Shield

The removable protective shield is an engineered polycarbonate lens designed to withstand high temperature applications while also being extremely strong and rugged. 

To put it simple - the removable protective shield is a tough piece of armor that keeps your light running even after you hit underwater obstacles. 

High Intensity Purpose-Built LEDs

High intensity, high efficiency, and user friendliness are a hard trio to put together. Most high brightness LEDs aren't very efficient or user friendly as they require insanely high voltages that are not reasonable for most fishermen. Our purpose-built LEDs are designed with intensity, efficiency, and user friendliness at top of mind. This allows our underwater lights to have the leading brightness among LEDs, while being exceptionally efficient and capable of running on a user-friendly 12 volts. 

Easily Mount to Flounder Gigging and Bully Netting Boats

Our new Boat Adapter Pole for Underwater Lights allows the Swamp Eye Submersible Lights to easily mount to most boats used for flounder gigging and bully netting. 

If this isn't an option you're interested in, the lights come standard with a mounting bracket that is compatible with 1/4-inch bolts or U-bolts to easily mount to any rail or boat.

Ideal Underwater Light for Wading and Flounder Gigging

The Swamp Eye Submersible Lights come standard with a removable mounting bracket that will easily mount to any aluminum or PVC wading and gigging pole with a single 1/4-inch bolt or U-bolt. 

Tested and Proven, Trusted by Professionals

The Swamp Eye Submersible Lights have survived the toughest of conditions from commercial fishing operations to professional guides using them on a daily basis. Whether you're a recreational fishermen, professional guide, commercial fishermen, or even governmental agency; we can assure you that the Swamp Eye Submersible Lights can hold up to tough environments year after year. 


Power Draw:

120 Watt

Extremely High Efficiency LEDs (160+ lumens per watt compared to typical 100 lumens per watt LEDs)

Note: Do NOT run the Swamp Eye Submersible Lights above water. These are UNDERWATER ONLY lights.

Amp Draw:

12V DC (Battery) - 10 Amps

Estimated Run Time on Typical Lead-Acid Deep Cycle Battery: 10 Hours

NOTE: If powering these lights with lithium iron phosphate (LiFe PO4) batteries, we recommend installing a voltage regulator on your lithium batteries. These lights are capable of accepting up to 13.6 volts but a fresh, fully charged lithium battery can output up to 14.4 volts initially; which will damage these lights. For more information on lithium batteries please read our complete battery comparison. If using sealed lead acid batteries, there is nothing to worry about as these batteries typically do not charge past 13 volts. 


Light w/out Mounting Bracket Installed:

2.75" tall X 4.5" wide X 1.5" deep

Light w/ Mounting Bracket Installed: 

4.75" tall X 5.75" wide X 1.5" deep


Comes with 10 ft of premium marine grade wire

Battery terminals are not included, you can purchase our solder seal connector kit with battery terminals for this or use your own alligator clamps. 

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Manufacturer Warranty

Our Swamp Eye® Submersible Flounder Gigging Lights come with a standard one year manufacturer warranty. This covers manufacturer defects for a period of one year. Our Swamp Eye® Submersible and Mini Swamp Eye® Submersible Flounder Gigging Lights have the fewest warranty claims out of all our products. In the event you have a problem, we encourage you to file a claim for the manufacturer warranty. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and this is one of many reasons we have increased our quality control standards to ensure every single light we produce is our best. Each Swamp Eye® Submersible Flounder Gigging Light is quality control tested 5 times throughout the production process, including testing it right before it is boxed and shipped to you. 

Lifetime Damages Warranty

In the event your Swamp Eye® Submersible Flounder Gigging Light is damaged for any reason, you may file a claim for the damages warranty. This is a lifetime warranty. This will require you to send the light back to us. If we are able to fix it for a minimal cost, we will. If it is damaged beyond us fixing it, we will split the cost with you to replace the unit. This is how we help our customers when s___ happens!