Wading and Gigging Combo: Flounder Gig and Light

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Flounder Gig and Light Combo

Comes standard with:
  • Bright LED Flounder Light that outputs 6,000+ lumens
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel Flounder Gig
  • 6 ft Flounder Gig Pole with Measuring Stick
  • Quick battery disconnects for small 12V "deer feeder" battery
  • Fully assembled and wired, no additional assembly required when you receive it. 

Our wading and gigging combo makes gigging easier by combining everything you need into one pole, instead of having to lug around a gig pole and a light pole. Our bright LED flounder lights are mounted above water, rather than below, to illuminate the entire area surrounding you while wading. This will help you see more fish as well as help minimize the risk of stepping on stingrays or jelly fish. 

The flounder gig and light wading and gigging combo that we personally use features a Mini Swamp Eye Submersible, 3 Prong Flounder Gig, 6 ft Flounder Gig Pole, and a Ruler Wrap Measuring Stick.

This combo comes fully wired, assembled and installed; with quick connects that fit on most 8 Ah "deer feeder" batteries. This is a great make-ready setup that requires zero additional assembly. Just unbox it and go gigging. Does not include 12V battery - we recommend using 8 Ah "deer feeder" batteries. 

Choose from:

  • Warm White or Cool White Mini Swamp Eye Submersible Flounder Light
    • Cool White is best for clear water
    • Warm white is best for muddy water

  • 3 Prong or 5 Prong Flounder Gig
    • 3 Prong is ideal for wading and gigging.
    • 5 Prong is ideal if using from the boat.