Above Water Green Fishing Spotlight

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Above Water Green Fishing Spot Light Features


Bring your night fishing experience to the next level with our above-water green fishing spot light. Purpose-built for penetrating deep into the water to maximize fish attraction, without the worry of on-going maintenance and barnacle growth build up that you see in underwater green fishing lights.

The above water green fishing spot light, along with our other green fishing lights, utilizes an optimized green wavelength for best attracting fish. Our green lights will appear more vibrant than most standard green fishing lights.

If you're looking to attract a plethora of fish to your dock, look no further than the tested and proven Above Water Green Fishing Spot Light. 

  • Super Bright Green LEDs
  • 200 Watt | 110/120V AC | 24,000 Lumens 
  • Made to Run Above Water in Saltwater Environments
  • Optimal Wavelength for Attracting Fish
  • Portable, Compact, and Extremely Durable
  • Easily Mounts to Dock Posts or Fish Cleaning Stations

     The Above Water Green Fishing Spot Light pairs great with our Above Water Green Fishing Flood Light or Underwater Green Fishing Light to turn your dock into an aquarium full of fish!

    While underwater fishing lights must be run dusk to dawn to keep the barnacles off, this above water green fishing spot light is maintenance free. NO BARNACLES TO WORRY ABOUT!

    Overhead vs Underwater Lighting for Fishing

    When it comes to attracting fish, you want bright true-green light emitted into the water. Whether it comes from an underwater source or an above water source, both methods will attract fish. 

    #1 Reason People Choose Overhead Lighting for Fishing

    Zero maintenance. Light stays above water and is not subject to barnacle growth, whether it's left off for an extended period of time or is turned on and run continuously.

    Other Great Key Points

    • Above water lights are less likely to be hooked by fishing line.
    • Very low likelihood of above water green fishing lights being hit or busted by passing boats or props (yes this does happen to underwater lights more often than you'd think). 
    • Capable of running on shore power (110/120V AC) 
    • Lower wattage / power consumption means lower operating costs than most standard underwater green fishing lights, with better light output and performance. 



    12.8" X 13" X 9.75" - includes mounting bracket and lamp shade. Please scroll through product photos to see the dimension file which shows more accurate dimensions. 

    Weight: 19.5 lbs

    Mounting Bolt Recommendation: 5/16 stainless steel bolts with brass lock nuts and washers on bolt end and nut end.