Fish & Game Vacuum Sealer

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Our portable vacuum sealer is a true fish and game meat saver. It's extremely versatile for hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking trips. There are few sealers capable of vacuum sealing fish, due to the high moisture content. Every problem has a solution, and the adjustable dry and moist modes are part of what makes it the best vacuum sealer for fish and wild game. Within seconds, the fish and game vacuum sealer can be adjusted for dry food, fish fillets, or even for vacuum sealing meat and steaks with marinade. The removable scale works great for perfecting recipes and properly portioning meals. 


  • Removable Digital Scale for Even Portions
  • 120W Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer
  • Vacuum Bag Cutter for Custom Bag Sizes
  • Flexible Power Options | 12V DC or 110/120V AC Compatible
  • Marinate Accessory Hose for Vacuum Jars and Canisters
  • Vacuum Bag Starter Kit Included (5 Vacuum Bags, 1 Short Vacuum Roll)

Fish and Game Portable Vacuum Sealer in Action

What makes it the best vacuum sealer for hunting and fishing?

REMOVABLE SCALE: Health experts say you should eat an average of 8 to 12 ounces of meat per serving per person. The Fish and Game Portable Vacuum Sealer comes standard with a removable scale, capable of weighing up to 70 ounces. That's equivalent to 4.4 lbs! Easily separate out your vacuum packages with even portions for you or your family by weighing the meat with our removable scale prior to sealing. 

MOIST MODE FOR FISH & GAME: The Fish and Game Vacuum Sealer comes standard with the "moist mode" for sealing meat with high water content whether it's the wild game you harvested or fish you caught. This feature triggers the vacuum packaging machine to remove the excess moisture from the vacuum bag and prolong the duration of the vacuum seal to ensure a water-tight seal for keeping your catch long term. Whether you're looking for the best vacuum sealer for wild game or the best vacuum sealer for fish, the moist mode is a key feature you must have. If a typical "dry mode" seal is applied to high moisture content fish and game, the odds are the bag will not properly seal and the food will spoil faster. On the contrary, if a "moist mode" seal is applied to dry food, there is a good chance the seal will melt through the vacuum bag. The importance of making this adjustment is the leading reason the dry and moist mode is a standard feature on our fish and game vacuum sealer. 

PORTABLE & COMPACT: The compact and space saving design saves over 50% more space compared to normal sized vacuum sealers. Our portable vacuum sealer provides high-performance sealing with more added features to help the hunter or fisherman preserve their catch for the long haul. The control panel is easy to operate. All controls were intuitively designed to increase sealing efficiency. User manual is included.

ECONOMY VACUUM BAG PRICING: One of the historical downfalls to conventional vacuum sealers is that the vacuum seal bags are so expensive. We are bringing you factory direct vacuum bags made to cater to the needs of an outdoorsman. These resilient vacuum bag rolls available for purchase separately come in standard lengths of 50 ft. (keep in mind these are not the roll lengths that come included with just the vacuum sealer, they are available at an added cost provided in the drop down menu) The vacuum bags are fully customizable so you can maximize the bag space and minimize the leftover bag waste. Individual portion meals require less vacuum bag space than family portioned meals, so this flexibility allows you to make the most of your vacuum bags. 

Note: One 50' 11-inch vacuum bag roll makes approximately 127 pint sized  bags or 40 gallon sized bags.

AC&DC POWER COMPATIBILITY: Whether you are at the fish cleaning station, the deer lease, or hiking in the woods, the Fish & Game Portable Vacuum Sealer accepts 12V DC and 110V/120V AC power sources. Easily hook the vacuum sealer up to a 12V DC battery power source or hook it up to your standard 110V/120V AC wall outlet which may be on your generator, your fish cleaning station, RV, or even your vehicle. The power flexibility is yours. 


Dimensions: 15" Length X 5.9" Width X 3.5" Height

Weight: 3.86 lbs