Underwater Green Crappie Fishing Light

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19,500 LM SUPER BRIGHT GREEN LEDS The new Underwater Green Fishing Light will provide a bright, long lasting light guaranteed to illuminate the area around you and bring fish in CLOSE! Great for trout fishing, crappie fishing, and even shrimping.  The makeup of our LED chips include engineered LED crystals and CopperCore technology to be among the highest lumen-per-watt output in the lighting industry. Conventional LED chips put out 80 lumens per watt while our LED chips output over 160 lumens per watt. 

120 WATTS, 12V DC if you want to run 110V/120V AC, you must purchase our 120 watt power converter (converter comes with standard 110V plug). We also recommend using our waterproof wire connectors for making connections to the converter or extending the wires on these underwater fishing lights. 

WATERPROOF/SUBMERSIBLE: The new Underwater Green Fishing Light is rated IP 68 waterproof for underwater use and maintains optimal corrosion resistance from saltwater. These lights are designed to run underwater while fishing.  

AEROSPACE GRADE WIRING: We now include 10 FT LONG LEADS! our new wiring components are extreme abrasion and corrosion resistant wiring for long term use in harsh saltwater environments. 

UNIVERSAL MOUNTING CLAMP IMPROVEMENTS: the mounting bracket has been re-designed to include hole spacing sized for our Underwater Fishing Light Boat Adapter. The new mounting bracket also allows a more efficient range of motion such that light is not blocked by the mounting brackets when faced downwards. You can easily mount this light to your boat or on your dock. 

Need a mount to quickly attach and detach from your dock or boat? Check out our Underwater Fishing Light Boat Adapter

PORTABLE AND COMPACT: The light is only 5 inches tall, 5 inches wide, and 1.5 inches deep. Not only is it brighter than the competition, it is WAY more compact!!