Swamp Eye® HD Protective Cover

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Protective cover for the Swamp Eye® HD Bowfishing Lights. Comes standard with a strap for attaching the protective cover to the bowfishing light housing. 

This protective cover is also compatible with the Above Water Green Fishing Light.

Benefits of Protective Cover:

  • Helps prevent busted lenses due to rocks and debris while trailering.
  • Eliminates glare from reflectors while day time fishing.
  • Minimizes weathering and sun exposure when boat is parked. 
  • Added layer of armor to handle whatever life off the water throws at it!

Quickly and easily strap to your Swamp Eye® HD Bowfishing Lights in a matter of seconds!


Whether its a major interstate or off-beaten path, rocks can fly off tires at hundreds of miles per hour and put cracks in even the toughest polycarbonate lenses.

Our new protective covers offer the added armor you need to prevent a stray rock from putting a damper on a night of bowfishing or gigging. 

They also work great to minimize weathering and sun (UV) exposure when putting the boat up during the off-season.


A stray rock once (might have) said:

"Order today to better protect your lights from mayhem like me"