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Quality LED Bowfishing Lights are essential for a successful night out on the water. Many times, the lights can be what make or break your trip. The most common comparison among bow fishing lights is made between LED bowfishing lights, HPS bowfishing lights, and Halogen bowfishing lights. Each type of fishing bow light has its own benefits and drawbacks, and we're here to present the facts that will help you form your own opinion. Lets take a look at the key factors we need to accomplish in order to increase our odds of spotting more fish and hopefully finding your next set of bowfishing...

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We like to post photos showing how successful our supporters are at harvesting a wide variety of fish. The most common species we see are flounder, alligator gar, stingray and carp. Separate from all the atta boy comments, we are commonly asked “What do you do with all that fish?!”The purpose of this weeks blog is to address that specific question and hopefully provide some quality recipes you can add to the cook book. Here's the recipe's we cover: Stuffed Flounder, Alligator Gar Balls, Stingray Scallops, and Fried Carp. We’ll start with one of our personal favorite dishes of all time...  Stuffed Flounder Ingredients8...

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It's been said that alligator gar are living fossils which means that they have not changed much since they were first discovered thousands of years ago. This could be due to the fact that alligator gar have a typically long lifespan compared to other fish because of their nearly indestructible (by nature) characteristics.   For example, a gar's scales are like armor. They're diamond-shaped and made from a double layer of bone with the outer layer being super dense and so tough that larger predators such as big bull alligators have a hard time biting through it. The inner layer of a...

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Gar are some of the oldest creatures roaming the planet since long before humans came around. They're pretty hardy to be able to last that long and quite frankly they still do a good job of ruling freshwater and saltwater streams. They eat just about any fish, birds and even some mammals. A single female will typically lay roughly 30,000 eggs per year and the eggs hatch within 3-9 days. What's crazy is - a gar may hatch their eggs in another fish nest and the other fish will take care of the newborns as if they are their own...even though the gar will...

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As October is getting closer, temperatures across the coast are starting to drop which means that the fall flounder run is about to heat up! So what exactly is the fall flounder run?  The fall flounder run is essentially the fall migration of female flounder to the Gulf to spawn, so you can find them in the cuts and channels heading that direction. If you’re at all interested in catching flounder this season then the fall flounder run is the time to do it!  Timing is Everything Time is of the essence when it comes to the fall flounder run....

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