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A few of our customers have been making headlines lately as the tournament season for bowfishing starts to wind down. Last weekend at the Cajun 8 Bowfishing tournament in Indiana, Josh Damron and his team took home the title for Big Gar with a 22.4 lb long nose! Josh and his team logged over 1,500 miles of driving...

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Flounder Gigging -

Hello Everyone from Captain James Parbst, Nocturnal Assault Flounder Gigging Guide and Commercial Fisherman here in the Port Aransas and Rockport, Texas area. These hot temps don't take long to realize we are in the dog days of summer with the non stop heat warnings popping up on my weather alerts. It's just flat out one hot doggy out there. August is quickly approaching and we have already started to see a drop in tides. That means alot of our favorite commercial spots are now dry land. This puts us out working the sand pockets in 1 to 3 feet...

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Alligator Gar, Bowfishing, Gator Gar -

Triple digit heat indexes are a good indicator of the heat of summer and similarly the results of the latest bowfishing tournaments and continuous harvests of HUGE GATOR GAR are a strong indicator of PRIME TIME BOWFISHING! The Muzzy Classic Bowfishing Tournament winning team brought in over 519 lbs of fish, while the top 10 teams all brought in over 300 lbs of fish! What's even better is 100 lbs of fish would not have even landed you in the top 60 teams. Capt. Mark Malfa with Big Fish Bowfishing Texas has been very busy this season and the excitement in his voice made it clear he's having...

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A quality fillet knife that will stand up to hunting and fishing excursions can be difficult to find. There are many factors that can cause fillet knives to dull prematurely or even break. We'll discuss some of the key components to look for in your next knife to make it the best fish and game fillet knife. At the end of this discussion, we will present a fillet knife that meets all of the criteria we have presented here. What makes a good fillet knife? The Blade - The most single most important part of a fillet knife is the fillet blade. Whether...

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Bowfishing Gar, Golden Gar -

Bowfishing for gar on a regular basis can present some unique opportunities to find some very rare fish while out on the water. We received a few photos from an individual named Drake who managed to harvest a golden gar out of Crab Orchard Creek near Carbondale, Illinois. When asked about how he spotted the fish, Drake responded "the gar was by itself when I saw it and I thought it was a dead fish until it started to swim a little!"        The gene that causes this coloration is a recessive gene and only approximately 1 in 10,000 gar show this...

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