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The beginning of April marks the start of the carp spawning season. As one of the most highly effective fish at reproducing, the bowfishing sport is helping to minimize the impact these invasive fish have on ponds, lakes, rivers, and other water bodies. You’ll find spawning carp in many places but some of the most common include weedy, grassy, and shallow areas at depths of 2 to 3 feet deep. While pre-spawn carp are less interested in eating, post-spawn carp are the complete opposite - they’ll even eat their own eggs and larvae! Carp Spawn - How Does it Happen? A...

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This Bow Light will illuminate the water while bowfishing, varmint hunting, predator hunting, hog hunting or night hunting. Unlike any other bow stabilizer light, this budget friendly bow flashlight offers more versatility than any comparable light for sale.  When used for bowfishing, this light is guaranteed to shine farther than any High Pressure Sodium, Halogen, or even typical LED boat mounted light. Typical boat mounted lights are capable of penetrating water to see fish at lengths of 10 to 15 ft away from the boat. Our bow mounted light is capable of penetrating muddy water from as far as 50...

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The Spring flounder run is fast approaching and if you aren't familiar with it, you should be! This is one of the best times of the year to harvest flounder as they move in to the bays from offshore. While the Fall flounder run is more commonly known, the Spring flounder run can produce equal results. This week's blog discusses the Spring flounder run and includes supplementary information from the flounder gigging sports best guides. The Spring flounder run is not as publicly well-known as the Fall run, which often times makes for better fishing with less competition of other anglers....

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Line Cutterz By Hunter Engelman, Modified Outdoors Bowfishing Charters “To Invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” – Thomas Edison. Vance Zahorski, the founder of line cutterz has created the most universal outdoorsman’s tool in the 21st century that was first built with only some welding putty and part of a dental floss cutter. Now, it is created with corrosion resistant dual sided blades, and ABS Plastic. For those of you who have never heard of line cutterz, they created an adjustable ring to cut up to 100 lb braided fishing line with almost no effort...

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Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned expert, the portability of a bowfishing light mounted to your bow is second to none. The purpose of this article is to walk you through the key features to look for in a bow-mounted bowfishing light and ultimately make a recommendation on what bow mounted light provides the most value for you to consider purchasing. Our research is good for any archery bow including a compound bow, crossbow or recurve bow. Water Penetration for Maximum Visibility Whether you are running a boat full of lights on a generator or walking...

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