Flounder Wading Light Stick

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If you're looking for a wading light for flounder gigging, look no further than the LED Flounder Wading Light Stick. It's made from lightweight PVC and features our heatshrink ruler wrap which can be used for measuring water depth or the length of fish. 

  • Choose from our 36W Mini Swamp Eye Submersible (5,800 Lumen) or 128W Swamp Eye Submersible (19,500 Lumen).
  • Works great with 8-10 Ah 12V deer feeder-type batteries for wading. 
  • Battery quick-disconnects come included.
  • Compatible and adjustable for right-handed or left-handed flounder gigging.

If you'd rather a wading setup that has the flounder gigging light and flounder gig all built into one, check out our Wading and Gigging Combo. It's the ultimate all-in-one setup that features a flounder gig with a measuring stick and flounder gigging light all on one pole. 

Note: This product is fully assembled and wired when we make them to ensure everything fits properly, then we partially disassemble the product to fit it into a box and ship it to you. It takes about 30 seconds to re-assemble it according to the product photo. Batteries are not included, 8-10 Ah 12V deer feeder batteries are recommended for use. If you have questions feel free to contact us!