The Guide to Buying the Best Flounder Gigging Lights For Sale

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The Guide to Buying the Best Flounder Gigging Lights For Sale

Flounder Gigging Lights are essential to a successful flounder gigging trip. Often times, the LED flounder lights are what can make or break a trip. Luckily for you, you are reading this review to put the odds in your favor for having a successful flounder gigging trip. 

Before jumping into what makes great flounder gigging lights, lets look at what we need to accomplish to spot flounder laying on the ocean floor.

Flounder Lights Made for all water conditions

Depending on the wind, tide, and sediment on bottom we may see clear water or muddy water. Many times this can ruin your trip if you aren’t prepared for what to expect. Choosing the right color flounder gigging lights to penetrate through both clear and muddy water is very important regardless of where you are gigging flounder. A warm white flounder gigging light works best for muddy water while a more cool white LED flounder light works best for clear water. The best flounder gigging lights will the ability to adjust between these two color tones for seeing flounder in all water conditions.

Gigging lights that don't spook fish

Mature flounder can sometimes spook easily especially to overly bright lights, it’s good to be able to adjust the color tone of the light in real shallow areas to keep the big saddle blankets from running off. A warmer white light seems to be less blinding than a cool white light, it also does a great job at lighting up flounder in muddier waters while cool white will light them up in clear water. In any case, if you see a big doormat you may be better off just gigging the fish as quickly as possible so he doesn't get away. Keep in mind he's probably seen his fair share of flounder giggers. 

Portability is key for Flounder Gigging Lights

Whether in a boat or wading, it’s good to be able to spot flounder in either situation. A portable flounder gigging light that can be used in both orientations will give you the most bang for your buck. 

Bright LED Flounder Lights to leave no fish behind

A high brightness LED flounder light is essential to illuminate the seafloor. As previously mentioned, it is important to not blind the big flounder because they may take off. The catch is, big flounder are typically in deeper water. So you'll end up needing bright lights that can shine through a light up the bay sea floor.

The Best Flounder Gigging Lights

The Swamp Eye Flounder Gigging Lights are the only flounder gigging lights available that are capable of addressing all 4 of these criteria. The Swamp Eye Submersibles are a great underwater lighting option while the Mini Swamp Eye Submersible work above or below water. 

Adjustable LEDs for all water conditions

The Swamp Eye Submersible is color tone adjustable to be able to see through clear or muddy water, regardless of tide, sediment, or wind conditions. As for spooking fish, the adjustability helps you to increase water visibility so you can stick him before he takes off. The big doormats typically stay in deeper waters, so increasing visibility is the most important. 

Portable Power for Gigging

They run on portable 12 volt DC batteries, whether small portable deer feeder batteries or deep cycle marine batteries, and have the lighting industries' highest efficiency LED chips to run at maximum brightness with minimum power draw.

High Brightness LED Flounder Gigging Lights

As previously mentioned, they are high efficiency and maximum brightness LED chips. They can illuminate flounder at even the greater depths!

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