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The Swamp Eye Submersible Flounder Gigging Lights are second to none in terms of bright underwater LED flounder gigging lights. They are designed for under water use only and they pack one heck of a bright color tone adjustable beam. They are most commonly used for flounder gigging and bully netting, but we've had customers mount them to their bowfishing boats before as well.  Flounder Gigging Lights When it comes to flounder gigging lights, there is no better flounder light than the Swamp Eye Submersible. It's designed for the harsh, corrosive saltwater environment, and it's been tested by some of...

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The Mini Swamp Eye Submersible Lights are a great option for times when you need a light that can run above water, underwater, or is just subject to a whole lot of both. These lights are extremely resilient and are very bright for their compact size. Their low power draw makes them perfect to mount on any boat or even a flounder gig pole for wading and gigging. We've even seen people run these lights off the back of their boat to light up the wake behind them. The options are endless with these tough, compact, and bright LED lights. ...

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Flounder gigging and bowfishing have progressed exponentially over the past 50 years. However, it has been around for a much longer time period. The Karankawa Native American people are among the first on record to gig flounder. They settled the Texas Gulf Coast from the early 15th century through the 17th century. They commonly used torches fueled by slatherings of tar and oil from natural seeps as lights and sharpened cane stalks as spear/gigs in their floundering. Bowfishing is believed to have been around even longer, dating back to the times of ancient groups of people such as the Aztecs, Inuits, and Aborigines successfully shooting fish with their bows. 

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