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Regular boat maintenance is key to stress free flounder gigging and bowfishing trips. The purpose of this fishing boat maintenance guide is to discuss some key tips that should be considered both during the off-season and during the height of flounder gigging and bowfishing. Take this fishing boat maintenance guide seriously and follow it closely and it will make life easier; whether you're taking care of a saltwater flounder gigging boat or a freshwater bowfishing boat. Boat Maintenance Guide Corrosion Prevention Preventing Corrosion: Sacrificial Anodes Magnesium vs. Zinc vs. Aluminum Anodes Magnesium AnodesZinc AnodesAluminum Anodes Best Sacrificial Anode for Trolling Motor Best...

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As the cold fronts move in and the U.S. has its first snowfall, we can truly say winter has come. The majority of boaters will be preparing to winterize their boat during this time, while most of us southerners will stay on the water through our version of a "Southern Winter". The northern U.S. isn't quite as fortunate as we are in the South, they actually experience snow and iced-over lakes which virtually eliminate the use of a boat. The catch though, they get to experience ice fishing. That's one thing we've placed on our bucket list. We've seen them even use our...

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