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Flounder gigging is a unique, action-packed experience, that lets you see all of the marine life that swim the shallows at night. It is similar to fish gigging in the ozarks, but it's done along the coast because flounder are saltwater fish. Many fishermen say gigging for flounder on a slow night is far more entertaining than a slow day of rod and reel fishing. If you haven't tried it - you should! Discussion Topics What is Flounder Gigging? 1a.) How to Tell if Flounder is a Legal Size Getting Started Flounder Gigging2a.) Flounder Gig2b.) Flounder Gigging Lights2c.) Wading and Flounder Gigging...

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The best flounder gig pole isn't only good for flounder gigging, it works well for all types of fish gigging. The fish size doesn't necessarily matter and whether or not you're gigging from a boat or walking shouldn't matter either. Quality flounder gigs are going to hold up regardless of what they're put through. Even if you put them on a homemade flounder gig pole. If you want to skip to the photos of flounder gig pole setups, scroll down to the bottom. The one discrepancy to this statement is the pole you use to go gigging. The best flounder gig...

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WADING AND FLOUNDER GIGGINGYou’ve done your research, you’ve found the brightest and most universal lights available in the Swamp Eye Submersible Lights, and you’ve purchased a 316 Stainless Steel Flounder Gig that will last a lifetime, now you need an idea on how to mount them together. Oh - you didn’t do that? We’ve done our research and we’re just helping you get it right the first time. The cheapest option available is always to get it right the first time. Our flounder gigging selection is second to none in terms of enhancing water visibility, overall brightness, and quality craftsmanship. ALL-IN-ONE...

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