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First and foremost, thank you to all those who have served and given their lives to protect this nation we love. Enjoying the outdoors is one of many freedoms the angels in camo defend.  This week we managed to make our way to the creek to sling some arrows at common carp and spotted gar. We used minimal resources to reel in our fair share of carp and gar, without even having to pay for gas in the boat. The focus of our trip this weekend is to prove that you don’t need the $20,000+ boat or $900 bowfishing bow...

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  If you're an avid bowhunter, the spring and summer months can be excruciating. Flinging carbon at foam in preparation for a season that remains months away can get downright dull. Fishing helps scratch the outdoor itch, but nothing compares to shooting your bow. That was my attitude until I discovered bowfishing, which quickly became my passion and now summers don't last nearly long enough. The rivers and creeks became my home away from home, and somehow the late night spotlighting trips started competing with slinging arrows from the river bank.  I encountered innumerable surprises along the way—many of which I...

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As we continue to grow and reach more people, we knew that we wanted someone on our side that could really show off what our products are capable of as well as give us feedback on how to continue to improve. So we recruited one of the best hog hunting, alligator and bowfishing guides in the country. He has over 18 years of experience as a professional guide, several appearances in the celebrity spotlight include airing on River Monsters, Animal Planet, and even appearing in the Wall Street Journal. We are proud to introduce our new pro staff team member, Captain Mark...

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As the temperatures start warming up, we find ourselves coming into the shallow water fishing season. Right now is a good time to get the boat tuned up and ready to go because we are expecting a strong 2018 season full of flounder, carp, gar, and more. This week’s blog will hit on some reminders as our coastal community starts gearing up to fill their freezers full of the finest fish fillets in the sea – flounder.

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We made our way to Canyon Lake, Texas over the Easter holiday to spend time with family and kick-off the 2018 bowfishing season. This weekend also marked the first weekend we could officially test the new Swamp Eye Revamped lights in both the clearest and murkiest of waters. 

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