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The best bowfishing boat for sale will have strong bare bones and be properly titled but may not necessarily be a complete bowfishing boat setup with top-of-the-line bowfishing lights and bowfishing supplies. There are key features every bowfishing boat must have and a strong foundation is at the top of that list. Other items such as bowfishing lights and a shooting platform are considered add-ons and if the boat happens to have a good setup, then good for you. Don't choose a boat with a low quality hull to get a decent set of lights and a platform though. Whether you are buying new or...

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A hot topic in the bowfishing and flounder gigging space for the DIY-ers and professional boat builders alike is - should I wire my boat for 12 volt DC or 110/120V AC? This question generally pertains to powering the lights you choose to see fish. What are the benefits and pitfalls of doing each?

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