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There are many bowfishing boats for sale, but the problem is most bowfishing boat setups were put together on the go rather than brainstormed and carefully thought out. On the resale market, the previous' owners problems are passed down to you. We want to walk you through the different styles of bowfishing decks to help you design the most optimal shooting platform possible.  Keep in mind, wiring your Bowfishing Lights can be very difficult. Make it easy and choose one of the Swamp Eye Bowfishing Lights which are compatible with the building block wire harness. These injection molded connections make wiring a...

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Bowfishing boats aren't limited to aluminum jon boats or airboats. Capt. Donovan Tate with Arrow Assault Bowfishing in Miami, Florida proved that you can have a boat universal to all aspects of fishing, including bowfishing. Capt. Tate found an effective way to use our bowfishing lights, by mounting 6 Swamp Eye Light Bars to his Shallow Sport X3 to accomplish a low profile, versatile setup. Capt. Tate plans to run offshore fishing charters, inshore charters, iguana charters, and bowfishing charters.  What were the determining factors for Capt. Tate? 1 - LOW PROFILECapt. Tate is not able to have a tall light rack, raised deck, or...

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When it comes to setting up your bowfishing boat, bowfishing light placement is key. There's a few different ways you can set your boat up depending on the size of your boat as well as the lights. Over the years we've built a customer base that includes commercial fishermen, fish and game government agencies, professional guides, tournament bowfishermen, and even conventional recreational bowfishermen. We've learned a lot from each of them, so lets talk a little more about what the best light set up is for your bowfishing boat.  Who We Are Outrigger Outdoors is the leading designer and manufacturer of Bowfishing...

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