The Most Versatile Bowfishing Boat Setup

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The Most Versatile Bowfishing Boat Setup

Bowfishing boats aren't limited to aluminum jon boats or airboats. Capt. Donovan Tate with Arrow Assault Bowfishing in Miami, Florida proved that you can have a boat universal to all aspects of fishing. Capt. Tate found an effective way to use our bowfishing lights, by mounting 6 Swamp Eye Light Bars to his Shallow Sport X3 to accomplish a low profile, versatile setup. Capt. Tate plans to run offshore fishing charters, inshore charters, iguana charters, and bowfishing charters. 

What were the determining factors for Capt. Tate?

Capt. Tate is not able to have a tall light rack or raised deck that would interfere with the deck of his boat. He needs the deck space to be spacious, so a low profile bowfishing light rail was the most important aspect of this build. The lights need to be effective in terms of light output as well as utilizing as little space as possible. 

His business is very versatile, so the setup has to be versatile. Capt. Tate informed us the frustration he experiences when he goes through muddy pockets of water while guiding clients and his previous lights were not able to penetrate through, leading him to begin looking for more effective bowfishing supplies. It was highly important that he has bowfishing lights that are capable of penetrating through clear water and muddy water similarly. Capt. Tate's favorite aspect of the Swamp Eye Light Bars by Outrigger Outdoors is the ability to adjust the color tone from a deep warm white, great for muddy water, to a cool white color great for clear water. 

First impressions are key and the first time a client see's Capt. Tate's boat, the bowfishing lights are likely not going to be turned on, the  outboard motor is likely at an idle, and the only thing the client has to see is the cleanliness of the boat. It was important to Capt. Tate that all of the wiring was clean, neat, and hidden. He emphasized the importance of customers not being able to see any wiring going to the lights. In the end, we prepared his wiring harnesses based on his request and the wiring was ultimately ran through the mounting rails and boat hull keeping a clean look with all his incorporated bowfishing supplies. The LED bowfishing lights are completely plug and play, meaning Capt. Tate can take them off quickly and easily for offshore trips. 

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