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Generators are used on bowfishing and flounder gigging boats for powering their trolling motors, lights, and other accessories. The majority of portable generators that are used have what's called a floating neutral. This floating neutral can cause your lights to flicker and other accessories to not function properly or optimally. Contractor-type generators are typically internally bonded and will not have these problems. However, these generators are too bulky for most flounder gigging and bowfishing boats so smaller portable generators are used. Almost all of these generators, regardless of brand, will have a floating neutral. You can research your generator or reach...

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Bowfishing Generator, Bowfishing Lights -

There are few things more frustrating than having to head home early on a great bowfishing trip due to dead batteries. It's hard enough taking time off work to hit the water, so don't let dead batteries slow you down. Trolling motors and bowfishing lights draw the most power on bowfishing boats and are the two primary reasons batteries run dead throughout the night.  We're diving deep into the weeds on how to run your bowfishing lights on a generator. Once you finish reading, you may find value in learning how to run your trolling motor on a generator as well.  How...

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