Flounder Gigging Off-Season

Flounder Gigging -

Flounder Gigging Off-Season

Flounder Gigging Off-Season

As some of you avid flounder giggers may know, November & December mean new limits for the number of flounder that you can bring back to the dock.

In the month of November, The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department states that no flounder may be gigged. However, the daily bag limit is 2 if you reel yours in on a line. 

Gigging speeds back up again December 15th. On this day, the daily bag returns to 5 flounder.


Take this off-time to spend the holidays with your family and make sure to get Rigged Up and ready for the flounder gigging season!


One of our awesome customers used his Swamp Eye Flounder Gigging Lights to outfit his boat in preparation for when the flounder gigging season opens back up again next month! 

Want to take a look at the Swamp Eye Light?


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