What is the Best Bow Mounted Light for a Bowfishing Bow?

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What is the Best Bow Mounted Light for a Bowfishing Bow?

Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned expert, the portability of a bowfishing light mounted to your bow is second to none. The purpose of this article is to walk you through the key features to look for in a bow-mounted bowfishing light and ultimately make a recommendation on what bow mounted light provides the most value for you to consider purchasing. Our research is good for any archery bow including a compound bow, crossbow or recurve bow.

Water Penetration for Maximum Visibility

Whether you are running a boat full of lights on a generator or walking the river bank with a light mounted on your bow, the ability to penetrate water in a variety of water conditions is second to none. A warm white color tone will penetrate muddy water better while a cool white color tone will penetrate clear water better. When considering a bow-mounted light, you must consider this diverse range of water conditions you are going to experience and select a color tone which will optimally perform in every range. We’ve found the most universal color tone for any water condition is approximately 2200K warm white. This light will penetrate through muddy water well while also not causing too much of a contrast for clear water. Other lights such as the Swamp Eye Light Bar and Swamp Eye Submersible Light, have the capability to adjust color tone for any water condition on the fly. However, these are mounted to boats rather than bows.

Universal Mounting Mechanism

Bowfishing bows have a variety of reel styles: spinning reels such as Muzzy and Mega Mouth or bottle reels such as the AMS Retriever Pro. Spinning reels mount to the stabilizer whereas bottle reels mount on the side of the bow. That said, the location of where you mount your light is critical to the flight path of your arrow and the additional accessories you run. The arrow is going to shoot straight and then drop over time. Thus, it’s important to mount the light lower than the arrow so the target and arrow are both illuminated during flight. The most optimal method of mounting the light in this case is to tie it to the stabilizer, where the spinning reel would mount. When purchasing a bow-mounted bowfishing light, make sure you consider the mounting location of the light and be sure the light has an adapter to connect a spinning reel if it ties into your stabilizer hole.

Adjustable Brightness for Light Sensitive Fish

A feature that is often overlooked by guys new to bowfishing is that carp, especially Big Head Carp, are light sensitive fish. If you continuously blast them with a concentrated beam of light, they’ll take off before you ever have the chance to sling an arrow. To combat this common issue, it’s important for your bow mounted bowfishing light to have the ability to decrease brightness when you spot a group of carp. Once you’re ready to shoot, you can increase the brightness to be sure you hit your target. As you can imagine, increasing and decreasing brightness while aiming your bow can be a difficult task if you don’t have the right tools. An extendable touch pad that mounts on your bow handle will make this task easy.

Adjustable Spot and Flood Beam

Most people looking for a bow mounted light are looking for a way to get into bowfishing without spending a big budget...or so we thought. We found that bowfishing guides will use bow mounted lights to point fish out to customers and tournament fishermen will use them to reach fish that are further out, outside of the reach of their boat mounted lights. One individual told us he would wrap paper with reflective tin foil on the inside over his flashlight to form a scope to focus the light beam in one direction and shine further out. This brings us to an important feature: the light needs to have an adjustable beam that can broadcast a wide flood for fish up close or concentrate spot beam for fish further out or in deeper waters. 

Added Feature: Universal to Other Applications (Bow Hunting)

In a recent survey, we found that most people who enjoy bowfishing also enjoy bow hunting. Our last key feature is looking for a light that is universal to the archery outdoor sport. While warm white LEDs are good for bowfishing, red and green LEDs have been known to be leaders in the night hunting world. If you’re able to change LED colors depending on what your targeting, you’re guaranteed to get the most value out of one single light all season long. 


As most of you may know, we are known for our innovation in the outdoor space and we’ve walked you through a few of the key design points we received from a variety of polls of the best in bowfishing. Our team has designed a universal Bow Mounted Bowfishing Light that has tackled these features to formulate a great product for bowfishermen. 

Water Penetration

Our Bow Mounted Light is capable of penetrating both muddy and clear water with its true warm white color from the source. There is no tint which degrades the brightness. Due to our LED optimization, we are able to push over 1,000 lumens from this small compact light. 

Universal Bow Mounting Mechanism

When you mount your light, you don’t want to hinder the amount of other accessories you can add to it. Instead of hindering this, we’ve enhanced it. Our universal mounting bracket ties into the stabilizer hole on a bow and has an adapter to mount a spinning reel and even includes a picatinny rail if you decide to mount other accessories. You can mount any spinning or bottle reel without effecting the performance of your bow. 

Adjustable Brightness for Light Sensitive Fish

One of our most proud features is the ability to easily adjust the brightness of the light to prevent from spooking light sensitive fish such as carp. Our touch pad mounts to your bow handle, making it easy to control the brightness of the light while aiming. This is huge when targeting light sensitive fish because you have to be ready to shoot as soon as you illuminate them. The ability to slowly illuminate them is less likely to spook the fish, making for an easier time of hitting your target. 

Adjustable Spot and Flood Beam

This feedback point was most common among the tournament fishermen and professional guides who require top quality equipment to compete with the best in the sport. Our bow mounted light has the ability to adjust focus from a 130 degree wide flood beam to a 300 yard long spot beam which will penetrate deep into muddy water and light up fish that are well outside the range of boat mounted lights. 

Added Feature: Universal to Other Applications (Bow Hunting)

As we previously mentioned, we found most of our bowfishing guys also enjoy bow hunting. So to maximize what is already the most valuable bow mounted light, we’ve included options for red and green interchangeable LEDs. These are red and green from the source, no tint, for maximum brightness. These lights have the same features including brightness adjustability to prevent from spooking animals and spot/flood beam adjustability for hogs and varmints that are close up or far out. 

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