Swamp Eye Submersible Flounder Gigging & Bowfishing Light

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19,000 LUMEN LEDS are brighter than ever before. The new Swamp Eye Submersible will provide a bright, long lasting light guaranteed to illuminate the area around you. The makeup of our LED chips include engineered LED crystals and CopperCore technology to be among the highest lumen-per-watt output in the lighting industry. Conventional LED chip puts out 80 lumens per watt. Our LED chips put out 160 lumens per watt. 

WATERPROOF/SUBMERSIBLE: The new Swamp Eye Submersible is rated IP 68 waterproof for underwater use and maintaining its corrosion resistance from saltwater. These lights are designed to run underwater for long durations. When used in saltwater, we recommend rinsing the lights with freshwater after use. 

AEROSPACE GRADE WIRING: We now include 2 FT LONG LEADS! our new wiring components are extreme abrasion and corrosion resistant wiring for long term use in harsh saltwater environments. We will be offering our wiring for sale to customers to use in their boats upon request.

MANUAL COLOR TONE ADJUSTMENT FEATURE: the color tone can be adjusted manually from an HPS deep warm white to a typical LED cool white. 

UNIVERSAL MOUNTING CLAMP IMPROVEMENTS: the mounting clamp has been re-designed to include hole spacing sized for a wide range of 1/4" bolts. A commercially available u-bolt from your local hardware store can be used to mount the light to a flounder gig, or traditional 1/4" bolts can mount it to the boat. The clamp also allows a more efficient range of motion such that light is not blocked by the mounting brackets when faced downwards. 

PORTABLE AND COMPACT: The light is only 5 inches tall, 5 inches wide, and 1.5 inches deep. Not only is it brighter than the competition, it is WAY more compact!! Mounts easy to boat or flounder gig. Even great for wading and flounder gigging or bowfishing!

CLEAR & MURKY WATER QUALITY ADJUSTMENT FEATURE: Adjust the color tone from warm white (HPS type color) for murky water to bright white (typical LED) for clear water. Water conditions can change from one part of a lake or bay to another within an instant. Don't let this slow you down. 


    Designed by the collaboration of a die hard flounder gigger and a bow-fishing enthusiast, the Swamp Eye bow fishing and flounder gigging flood light was designed to help our customers’ ability to spot fish whether the water is crystal clear, murky or muddy. The features of the swamp eye include bright 120 watt LEDs with color tone control capabilities that allow the lights to adjust from 2000k warm white (HPS) to 6000k bright white. Whether you have crystal clear or muddy waters, the Swamp Eye light is tested and proven to be the best at illuminating the fish below you. 


    The power source for the light is a 12 volt battery. For those who walk and flounder fish gig, we recommend a 12 volt deer feeder battery due to its compact nature. If mounting to a car or boat, deep cycle marine or car batteries work very well. Keep in mind the higher amp-hour rating battery, the better.  Whether you are bowfishing, flounder gigging, gator hunting, or just enjoying the wildlife and fisheries, we invite you to try our engineered innovation. We stand behind our product and guarantee these are the best LED bowfishing and flounder gigging lights for sale. 


    The new lights will draw 120 watts. As you already know, a 120 watt light from us is not comparable to a 120 watt light from anyone else. We use high efficiency LED chips specifically designed to maximize luminosity while minimizing power draw. The conventional LED chip will illuminate 80 lumens per watt on average, with select few putting out 100 lumens per watt. Our new LED chips illuminate 160 lumens per watt on average. This high efficiency maximizes the life of your battery while providing twice the illumination of the comparable light. Not to mention, we have pioneered the first fully color tone adjustable flounder gigging and bowfishing light. 


    We are grateful to have the support of numerous commercial fishermen who have helped us design the best flounder gigging lights and bowfishing lights available.

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