Best Underwater Light for Fishing

Best Underwater Light for Fishing

As a buyer, it can be frustrating trying to find the best underwater light for you. As one of the leading fishing light manufacturers, we have heard your concerns and understand the difficulty in choosing the best underwater light for fishing. In an effort to help you, as well as our other customers, we have taken the time to put together a complete buyers guide for helping you choose the right underwater lights for fishing.

Types of Fishing Lights

There are two core types of fishing lights: boat mounted lights and dock lights. Underwater boat mounted lights are designed with portability at top of mind while dock lights are intended to stay underwater for long, continuous durations. It's helpful to purchase the best underwater light for fishing that meets your needs rather than repurpose one light for a different use, simply because it will last longer and perform better when used as it was intended. Prior to purchasing your fishing lights, it's important to understand the maintenance involved with green fishing lights

Boat Mounted Lighting Options

Boat mounted lights are best when used for attracting crappie, shad, bass, shrimp, trout, redfish or even squid while night fishing in remote areas. 

LED Fishing Lights for Paddle board and Kayak Bowfishing

Underwater kayak lights might seem like a strange idea but they are gaining in popularity. Boats require a high budget and accessibility to a boat ramp, which is not a good fit for all people. The need for a lower cost, more versatile option has given rise to kayaks and paddle boards being used for fishing at night. We've seen a variety of setups where our Underwater Green Crappie Fishing Light has been mounted to kayaks, paddle boards, and even small jon boats for attracting fish at night. 

Boat Fishing Lights

If you have a boat, and are looking to attract more fish at night, then our boat mounted light will work perfect for you as one of the best underwater boat lights for fishing. Select the option to include the universal boat adapter, and it is ready to be mounted to your boat to start fishing. Whether you're fishing for crappie, striper, shad, bass, shrimp, trout, redfish, squid or any other species, this small and compact boat fishing light will do a great job at attracting more fish and bringing in bigger hauls. 

If you're looking to stay out on the water all night, it is recommended to select the option to include the 120W power converter to hook up to your generator. Otherwise, if you are staying out for no more than 5-6 hours, you should be perfectly fine with a deep cycle 12 volt battery. We recommend running lights on their own battery, and not using the battery that powers your motor. This is good practice in the event the battery loses its charge, you can still get back home. 

Underwater Dock Lighting

Buying quality underwater lights for fishing is tough, especially dock lights. There are so many dock lights out there that just don't hold up. They are used for several months and then they get barnacle build-up because they aren't putting off enough heat, or they get burnt out from putting out too much heat. Another common cause is electrolysis which causes premature failure of poorly designed lights, namely lights made from stainless steel or dissimilar metals. There's a lot to consider in buying the best underwater light boat light for fishing, and we've discussed it in our guide to buying the best underwater green fishing light.

We're beyond that though, that problem doesn't exist with our selection.

Mounting Decisions

The decision our customers have to make with dock lights is whether they want to mount the dock light to a pedestal or post, or whether they should just toss it out into the water and let it sink to the bottom. 

Water Depth: 10 ft or Less

Generally speaking, most fishing docks are relatively shallow. They are typically in the 5-8 ft range, which is ideal for dock fishing lights that lay flat on the bottom. When you get into the 10-15 ft range, our underwater green dock fishing light will hold up well and illuminate a wide green beam to attract fish, but general feedback we've received says they are happier with the results at 10 ft depth or less. 

So, if your dock is 10 ft deep or less, you will probably find it better to throw your underwater green fishing light in the water faced upwards, and allow it to sink to the bottom. It's designed to not flip over, so no worries about it landing upside down. We find an underwater green fishing light is one of the best underwater fishing lights for fishing if you have a shallow deck.

Water Depth: Greater than 10 ft

Based on customer feedback, we've found people with deep docks that are over 10 ft in depth to prefer mounting the underwater green fishing light to the dock post. Our dock fishing light comes with a mounting bracket included for attaching it to your dock post. Once mounted, aim the light outwards to project ahead of your dock. The light will act similar to a side-mounted pool light, which illuminates the entire water body ahead. 

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